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Call To Unite By APIII Founder Scot Seddon

American Patriot, Scot Seddon, encourages all patriots to form bonds with each other.

For information on how you can get involved with American Patriot the III%, email or join our forum.

Becoming An American Patriot The III%

Recently we have been consumed with requests to get involved with American Patriot the III% and we appreciate and love the response. Not sure if it is the fear and overwhelming feeling that something is going to happen or if it is just people waking up and wanting to belong, either way we are appreciative. It is because of the number of requests that in some cases we are slow to reply. We will reply back to all the requests, don’t you worry. Please don’t stop. In the mean time though, I figured I’d give you some ideas of how you can get involved in the patriots and 3% until we get back to you.


a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

As American patriots, we love our country, the people, and our god given rights, no where does it say we have to love the leadership. We may agree with leadership sometimes, but it has been a long time since that leadership has respected the people. Within the patriot community, there is the “ugly red headed step child” known as the three percent. Many rumors fly around the threepers, mostly bad, but only because the three percent are the patriots that take action. True threepers do not harm the innocent as media and government entities would like people to believe. We strive for the least drastic coarse of action. We are a group of action though, so we make our voices heard loud with protests and rallies. To be a Threeper is to not hide in the shadows with your patriotic beliefs.

American Patriot the III% or APIII for short has chapters in almost every state or multiple in some states. For direct immediate contact with your state chapter, if you have Facebook, go to our resources page and click on your state flag on the left. To email your state chapter, use the email address on the right of the same page. Our forum is also available.

APIII off line is involved in food drives for veterans in need with our Operation Hunger Smash program, state and zone chapters training weekends and meetings, rallies and protests, help protect the borders, and operate CERTs. Despite popular belief APIII is not a militia but members do work closely with and may belong to various constitutional militias around the country. Our organization works with other pro-constitutional groups.

The core of APIII is made up of patriots from many walks of life. We have veterans, current military, civilians, and first responders, but all of us our focused on one thing, the defense of the rights of the people. All of us have day jobs or night jobs, some cases both, but we sacrifice precious time away from our families and friends in some cases to further the cause. If you truly want to become a part of the APIII, until we can properly bring you into the fold, you can start in your own community. Meet with your local politicians and law enforcement, find out where they stand with the constitution. Volunteer to help first responders and keep your community safe, become a sheep dog in your community. Start your own food drives for the needy, not all the needy are leeches on the system, a lot are truly bad times or disabled. Continue to prepare your family for a worst case scenario and teach your neighbors too. If we as a society ever have a chance to recover, we must do it as a community


Indiana APIII Chapter Meet & Greet May 2nd 2015


APIII% Indiana
Greet & Meet May 2, ‘15
​It was a beautiful day for Zone 4 APIII%er’s to meet each other at the Wild Cat Creek Reservoir in Kokomo, Indiana. Scott Criss started off the meeting with introducing Christopher Martin as Z4 Lieutenant, Jeremy Norton as State Sargent and Z4 Captain, and he himself as State Captain and Z2 Captain.

​Scott had received a Rough Draft from a fellow Three Percenter on communications, Ed Scott, Chief Comm.’s Officer. Several members of the group are familiar with communications and agree that there is more to this and more should be added. The Rough Draft is, or will be attached to the APIII% Indiana Closed Group under the “Files” tab.
​Members discussed Rallying points. Meeting places in cases of emergencies. Scott had mentioned that John Adkins has a place in Z2 he is willing to share if there is an emergency. There may also be a place in South Salem if an emergency occurs. We need to be thinking about meeting places within our zones, then outside our zones. It is very important to have places to meet in times when we may need each other as a team, as a unit. We are going to need to help others as well.
​We discussed our events and what they are for. Our next event for training is at Todd Howards place in June. It is a Field Training Exercise in the woods. They will be spending the night, and will be bringing their bug out gear and their weapons. Over the course of the two day period they will be expected to find water, make fire, and find shelter. You can bring a tent, tarp, or nothing, your choice.
​Angela Miller went over her recommendations for stockpiling medications and what you may need for emergencies. Besides the usual First aid kits, one may need Blood Clotting materials, medicines, blood pressure cuffs w/o batteries, be sure to keep up on your Tetanus Shot for yourself and every member of your family, this goes for any medical treatments you may need. Do not wait to get them done. Do them NOW! Angela’s APIII Med. Rec. Doc. file is also attached to the APIII% In. Closed Gr. It is filled with useful information. She also had mentioned that if an emergency occurs and you are in need of something and you do need to go into a store to get a much needed item, remember to choose the store you go into most and are familiar with, this way if you are away from home then go into the same store out of town, they are set up similar, so that you can go in quickly and GET OUT.
​It was also discussed that if you see something strange or odd, please report it. If you are not a Three Percenter but do know one, please report it. If you see a convoy of military vehicles or something out of the ordinary in your neighborhood, if you see anything that alerts you to the fact that we as American citizens could be in danger, please report it. If it has to do with electrical, military, government, foreign, even domestic but odd, no matter how minimal or how large you may think it is, it could or could not be important. Our members have a way of checking it out. Please report it.
​As this was our first M&G with our new members, it turned out great. There is still much to go over and much to do. We had approximately 38 people that showed up today, among them were; ApIII Sgt. & Z3 Capt. Dennis Gaiser, Arley Rick Earnest, Ford James, Edward Lofland, Steve Harvey, APIII LT. & Z5 Capt. Charles Griffin, Branden McQueen, and Brad Songer, among many knowledgeable others.
​Scott and I spoke briefly about recruiting and how to get the word out about the American Patriots III% group. The group that teaches, that helps the people get prepared. Look for stickers on cars, flags on homes, postings or comments on the net, friends, neighbors, etc. Keep your ears and eyes open for like-minded people who share common beliefs. Then ask. Stay positive.

Lorie A Voltz,
American Patriot the III%
Secretary of State

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The Grey Man

As part of the three percent, we are not always known for quietly blending in, with protests, rallies, III% tattoos, or the various stickers we plaster on our vehicles. However most of us in our day to day life have to keep our political beliefs out of the work place and put on a mask of neutrality when it comes to current events. It is under this mask that a grey man lives.


The grey men of the Soviet Union, were a huge part of the fall of communism in Russia. Grey men were the wrench thrown in the gears of the communist machine. What did they do, you may wonder. They collected intel, sabotaged, and strained the government to the point that it couldn’t sustain itself and began crumbling away.

How did they succeed at bring in down and not get caught? That is the key behind the grey man. To be a grey man, you must blend into your environment. You look just like everyone else, a wolf in sheep clothing. Don’t draw attention, be invisible.


The time of the American grey man, the patriots, is here. Not to sabotage or drain the system, the system is doing a fine job of that itself. We will be rolling out the “Grey Man Project” soon. As I said, not to sabotage or drain, but to gather intelligence. It will be real simple, if you see something unusual in your state or as you’re traveling you report it to the head of that states chapter. More details will be released when the full project is rolled out.

If you would like to get a jump on it, you may email

Team Building And Training At The Minnesota Chapter


This up coming May the Minnesota chapter will have a two day camp-out, it will be full bug-out SHTF type of drills. We will be setting up camp in stealth mode, have guards rotating all night, coordinate movements through the woods unseen, go over hand signals, and review wild edibles.

We are training and building three ERTs (Emergency Response Team) in the great state of Minnesota. We are about training and more training with our members. We also put into place this year group dues to help pay outside instructors for training.

June Training
Knife fighting and close quarters combat and training for our ERT teams

July Training
Weapons disarmament along with more training for the ERT teams

August Training
4 day survival camp deep in the woods

Go check them out at APIII% Minnesota or you can email them at

For more info on chapters in your state, join our forum or email