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This is a press release issued from a coalition of Michigan patriot groups in response to Visner’s latest claim that he has taken I’ve the Michigan Militia.


Ted Visner

Really after the last episode with him we thought that he would realize that he has no control and no right to assume that any group here in Michigan has to do anything. Now he has come out saying that he is taking control of the militia groups in Michigan.

The Three Percenters club & TTPC Michigan along with the following groups want to warn everyone to


Ted Visner will only bring our orginazations down and give us a bad name the more we stand against People like him the more we will grow our groups and show that we are united for one cause to protect and defend our country and its citizens locally.

Ryan Wressell III.
XO TTPC and Cmd of NW Lower Civil Defense Force

After careful consideration and doing our due diligence we have all collectively come to the joint conclusion in regards to the Ted Visner situation in Michigan.

We have all instructed our groups to stand down. This is not a situation where Mr. Visner’s rights are being violated. Under Michigan law he has been receiving his due process. We cannot with the best intentions of our people ask them to go to the front lines and risk their lives for someone who refuses to provide us with the necessary documentation for us to know this is a just cause.

Mr. Visner has set up a Go Fund Me page to solicit donations. We advise against making donations at this time.

This decision was made and jointly decided upon by the following groups based upon the documentation we have seen and by Mr. Visner’s own admission.

Michigan III%
The Three Percenters Club
III% United Patriots
Downriver Volunteer Militia
Michigan Home Guard (MHG)
Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia (SMVM)
Northern Michigan Volunteer Militia (NMVM)
Michigan Militia Black Creek Volunteer Division
Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines (MMCW)
Antrim Co. Unorganized Militia
Sons of Liberty-MI
River City Patriots
WMVM/ Sentinel Group
N.Y.M.A.G.- New York Mutual Assistance Group
United Saints of America
Yellow Jacket Militia
Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement (MICE)
United States National Resistance Militia

To have your group added to this release, please contact Brian Miller. If you would like additional information, please contact command staff at one of the groups listed.


To our deranged Main Stream Media: I am fed up!! I’ve literally had all I can take of the ‘ISIS Crisis’. This morning’s news was littered with discussion regarding THE FEAR of ISIS Across AMERICA!!! Are you freakin’ kidding me??? We are the land of the Free BECAUSE of the BRAVE!!! We have fought FOR freedom and liberty the world over; side by side with ANY who needed us… and I daresay, we will not hesitate to fight now that America’s freedoms and liberties are at stake!! That is what you need to be putting in the ears of our enemy!!! Fear??? How about OUTRAGE?? Try that on for size, MSM. I hate to be so blunt but you are grievously mistaken in your assessment of the current mindset of We, the People!! We aren’t living in fear!! We’re not quaking in our boots or hiding under a rock!! Not, at all. We’ve been busy attempting to find a legal and peaceful way to stop the madness BEFORE IT GOT TO THIS POINT!! We’ve also been quietly preparing behind the scenes for this day; the day ISIS became so emboldened they actually believe they can just walk in and overtake our country… as they have so many nations before us, through the course of history!! I am here to enlighten you…IT’S NOT GOING DOWN LIKE THAT HERE IN AMERICA!! Maybe THAT is the message you should be broadcasting to our enemy!!! To everything there is a season….a time to keep silence, and a time to speak. I sincerely hope and pray ISIS learned a thing or two in Texas this past week because this is the bottom line. America has ALWAYS welcomed any and all immigrants to this country by legal means. We are a nation of immigrants; the Melting Pot of the World. But we are also A NATION OF LAWS. We offer a PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP. We welcome all who love and respect our way of life and have a desire to ASSIMILATE. But we will NOT TOLERATE ANY OTHER NATION of immigrants whose Full Intention is to WIPE US OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET, ROB OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE OR FORCEFULLY OVERTAKE OUR LAND!!! And whether or not our current POTUS EVER acknowledges the enemy’s intent…THEY HAVE MADE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR!! Not only are they claiming responsibility for the events in Texas, but have boldly stated that we should expect another 911 disaster and many more lone-wolf attacks!! It should be noted that WE ARE NOT GREAT BRITAIN OR FRANCE!! WE HAVE A SECOND AMENDMENT …and although it’s been under attack for a number of years by ignorant people who have NO common sense whatsoever, NO loyalty to America and others with more sinister motives….we have, by the grace of God, RETAINED OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS and we will NOT go down without a fight!! We will defend our country and our Constitution from all enemies; both foreign and domestic. Immigrants, it’s time to choose a side. You’re either with us or against us. You’re here to become part of the family or you’re part of the problem. Pick your poison. To everything there is a season…A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. As for the people….the AMERICAN PATRIOTS…THOSE lll% of Americans who’ve prepared for this day: I would venture to say the time is nigh. ISIS…the Jihadists of the WORLD, have declared WAR ON AMERICA!! THEY FULLY INTEND TO BRING CALIPHATE TO OUR SOIL AND SHARIA LAW TO OUR HOMELAND!!! So, the time has come. Cowboys…SADDLE UP!! Soldiers…LOCK AND LOAD!! Truckers…KEEP YOUR EARS ON AND YOUR EYES ON THE HORIZON…you are our national recon!!! Rednecks…PREPARE FOR THE HUNT OF YOUR LIVES!! Cajuns…GATHER THE GATORS FOR THE FEAST!! Patriots…GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER as there will be a great need for safe havens from sea to shining sea!! For everything there is a season…a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together. To any group out there who has for any reason, elected to go it alone: understand this; UNITED WE STAND; DIVIDED WE FALL!! For everything there is a season… a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing. To all races and creeds: Do NOT be misled. There is no race war. It is all an effort to DIVIDE AND CONQUER!! For everything there is a season… a time to break down, and a time to build up. Churches: Very soon, I suspect your mettle will be tested in a deep and profound way. It’s time to decide who you will serve. Who is your master? Is it GOD OR CAESER!!?? Your tax exempt status will change, regardless of which side of the fence you fall on. I would venture to say that since God holds clergymen to a much higher standard… He will, very likely, hold you accountable in a much more significant way. Families will be coming to you by the thousands…for food…for assistance. Are you ready? Are our churches prepared? Is your flock even aware of what is about to transpire? Let’s make certain the lambs aren’t taken to slaughter, shall we? For everything there is a season…a time to rend, and a time to sew. Now…To those who threaten us: To those who desire to destroy our way of life…kill our women and children…and CUT OFF THE HEAD OF THE GREAT SATAN!!?? Here’s a message for YOU!!! BRING IT, DAMMIT!! WE WILL SHOW YOU A THING OR TWO ABOUT THE AMERICAN SPIRIT!! WE WILL LEAVE NO DOUBT IN YOUR MIND WHY WE’RE REFERRED TO AS THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH….THE GREATEST SUPERPOWER THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!! Understand that this has just as much to do with THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE as it does OUR MILITARY MIGHT and the POWER OF GOD ALMIGHTY!! We are a gentle giant…but we are not asleep. We are known as the most charitable of ALL NATIONS. But you should NEVER mistake our kindness for weakness!!! If I were in your shoes, I’d give this careful consideration as we will TAKE YOU OUT!! WE WILL DESTROY YOUR ENTIRE KINGDOM!! WE WILL BURY YOUR DEAD BATHED IN PIG’S BLOOD!! WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED…because WE KNOW THE POWER OF OUR GOD; HE IS A MIGHTY WARRIOR and we will follow HIM WHEREVER HE LEADS!! AND WE SHALL SEE who comes out on top!!! For everything there is a season… a time of war and a time for peace. And finally…To the POWERS-THAT-BE: those who’ve ENCOURAGED our enemies and brought war to our shores, who have alienated our allies; those who would stand beside us in our hour of need, to those who have ALLOWED our nation and it’s citizens to become endangered, while daring to label US as HOMEGROWN TERRORISTS and GANGS; to those who mock us because we dare to stick to our beliefs; those of Faith, Family and Freedom… may God have mercy on your soul…because you can REST ASSURED … we will spit on your dead bodies as we pass by. We will NOT FORGET your names, NOR your face, NOR your sins of treason against our land…For you have BETRAYED US and made DELIBERATE arrangements to lay our land to waste!! You’ve put our families in danger and the entire WORLD ON HIGH ALERT!!! You have desecrated OUR FLAG, OUR CONSTITUTION AND BELITTLED OUR GOD and WE, the PEOPLE….WE, the CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! Enough of your excuses, your greed, your immorality and injustice and if this war comes to us…in our backyards…all those caves you’ve built…all those escape tunnels…any attempt to hide…will be for naught!! Please refer to Revelation 6:13-17. There will be no place on Earth to hide from His wrath. You’ll be begging the mountains to fall on you before this is done!!! For everything there is a season… a time to keep, and a time to cast away. We, the People, of the United States of America…in order to re-establish Justice, promote peace among men and retain the American Way of Life, DO HEREBY SOLEMLY SWEAR TO SAVE THE REPUBLIC OR DIE IN A PILE OF BRASS FIGHTING FOR OUR CONSTITUTION; OUR LIBERTIES, OUR RIGHTS AND OUR FREEDOMS…SO HELP US GOD!! May the Lord above, guide us and direct us and bring us VICTORY!!  GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER PATRIOTS!!! OORAH!!!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 For everything there is a season…

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Indiana APIII Chapter Meet & Greet May 2nd 2015


APIII% Indiana
Greet & Meet May 2, ‘15
​It was a beautiful day for Zone 4 APIII%er’s to meet each other at the Wild Cat Creek Reservoir in Kokomo, Indiana. Scott Criss started off the meeting with introducing Christopher Martin as Z4 Lieutenant, Jeremy Norton as State Sargent and Z4 Captain, and he himself as State Captain and Z2 Captain.

​Scott had received a Rough Draft from a fellow Three Percenter on communications, Ed Scott, Chief Comm.’s Officer. Several members of the group are familiar with communications and agree that there is more to this and more should be added. The Rough Draft is, or will be attached to the APIII% Indiana Closed Group under the “Files” tab.
​Members discussed Rallying points. Meeting places in cases of emergencies. Scott had mentioned that John Adkins has a place in Z2 he is willing to share if there is an emergency. There may also be a place in South Salem if an emergency occurs. We need to be thinking about meeting places within our zones, then outside our zones. It is very important to have places to meet in times when we may need each other as a team, as a unit. We are going to need to help others as well.
​We discussed our events and what they are for. Our next event for training is at Todd Howards place in June. It is a Field Training Exercise in the woods. They will be spending the night, and will be bringing their bug out gear and their weapons. Over the course of the two day period they will be expected to find water, make fire, and find shelter. You can bring a tent, tarp, or nothing, your choice.
​Angela Miller went over her recommendations for stockpiling medications and what you may need for emergencies. Besides the usual First aid kits, one may need Blood Clotting materials, medicines, blood pressure cuffs w/o batteries, be sure to keep up on your Tetanus Shot for yourself and every member of your family, this goes for any medical treatments you may need. Do not wait to get them done. Do them NOW! Angela’s APIII Med. Rec. Doc. file is also attached to the APIII% In. Closed Gr. It is filled with useful information. She also had mentioned that if an emergency occurs and you are in need of something and you do need to go into a store to get a much needed item, remember to choose the store you go into most and are familiar with, this way if you are away from home then go into the same store out of town, they are set up similar, so that you can go in quickly and GET OUT.
​It was also discussed that if you see something strange or odd, please report it. If you are not a Three Percenter but do know one, please report it. If you see a convoy of military vehicles or something out of the ordinary in your neighborhood, if you see anything that alerts you to the fact that we as American citizens could be in danger, please report it. If it has to do with electrical, military, government, foreign, even domestic but odd, no matter how minimal or how large you may think it is, it could or could not be important. Our members have a way of checking it out. Please report it.
​As this was our first M&G with our new members, it turned out great. There is still much to go over and much to do. We had approximately 38 people that showed up today, among them were; ApIII Sgt. & Z3 Capt. Dennis Gaiser, Arley Rick Earnest, Ford James, Edward Lofland, Steve Harvey, APIII LT. & Z5 Capt. Charles Griffin, Branden McQueen, and Brad Songer, among many knowledgeable others.
​Scott and I spoke briefly about recruiting and how to get the word out about the American Patriots III% group. The group that teaches, that helps the people get prepared. Look for stickers on cars, flags on homes, postings or comments on the net, friends, neighbors, etc. Keep your ears and eyes open for like-minded people who share common beliefs. Then ask. Stay positive.

Lorie A Voltz,
American Patriot the III%
Secretary of State

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Toya Graham, the Baltimore mother caught on film ‘beating’ the stupid out of her wayward son last week at the so-called peaceful protests, has suddenly come under fire for her grim determination to save her child. She’s been praised by parents across America and criticized by others saying that what she did was illegal. There’s even been discussion of charging her with child abuse.


So, let’s have that discussion, America. Should a parent have the right to discipline their child? Should a parent be charged for hitting or spanking their child when they’re caught doing something that could be life-altering; something that could endanger their lives or the lives of others? Raise them up in the way they should go. Should you spare the rod, you’ll spoil the child and you shall reap what you sow.

Let’s roll the clock back a few years, shall we? Let’s go back to a simpler time in place where parents were ridiculed for NOT disciplining their children. I admit it. I was a little unruly…somewhat headstrong. I got spankings on a regular basis…for misbehaving or not doing what I was told. I was paddled at school and given lines to write…which caused me to miss quite a few recesses. This hurt my feelings and I felt left out. Was I scarred for life? Not from that, I can assure you. More than one switch was stripped of its leaves and used on my bare legs. Was I injured as a result? No…but it got my full attention. I can’t tell you how many times I had to lean over a chair and get a spanking. Did it hurt? Yes and being the oldest of five children, my pride suffered tremendously. Did it have a lasting affect? You bet it did!! The lasting impact was that I knew there were consequences for misbehaving and disobeying.

Fast forward to today. We no longer have the right to discipline our children regardless of the gravity of the situation. Parents have been dragged through the court systems for no more than setting their child on the front porch steps with a sign displaying their disobedience or error in judgment. There are child abuse hotlines that children can call to report their parents for perceived injustices. If you so much as pop a child’s hand in a public setting, you’re scrutinized by nosey, judgmental people who may not even have a child.

Schools can’t use corporal punishment without the consent of the parents, if at all. This issue arose when the government formed the Department of Education and removed the education system from state responsibility. Schools were consolidated; children were taken out of community schools and bused all over cities and counties. As a result, there’s absolutely no trust as parents don’t know the people in charge of their children for an extended period of time each day. Then the government removed prayer from public school, began teaching Evolution and started drugging our ‘ADHD’ children. Good plan if you what you intend to do, is destroy the family and the foundation of America.

Then there’s the very obvious fact that parents just aren’t involved in the schools, as they once were. Maybe it’s because time is such a commodity. Both parents have to work just to make ends meet and there’s little time for anything at the end of the day. IF the child is fortunate enough to have both parents living in the home, most will opt for home schooling rather than send their child into a seemingly hostile environment, where they have little or no control over what their child is learning or being subjected to… and even that is ridiculed and considered an issue for government officials to step in and investigate.

There are occasions where the state needs to get involved. Let’s face it, we live in a drug-infested, cold and callous world and there are times when someone needs to intervene. We’ve all seen or heard horror stories of children who are bruised and broken, who’re being physically harmed or neglected beyond reason or who die as a result of horrific abuse. The parents or perpetrators of those crimes should be dealt with swiftly and harshly. But unless the child is being physically harmed, there’s absolutely no reason for government intervention.

A definite line has been crossed in our society. Somewhere along the way things got twisted and look where it’s gotten us. Has pampering our children helped? Has coddling and spoiling them made a difference? Yes. Yes, it has and the end result isn’t looking too good. The children of this era are what I refer to as ‘the lost generation’. There are so many children of single parent homes, who practically raise themselves; so many horrific drugs on the streets; so much violence and so many people having children for the sole purpose of increasing their income, that have no intention of ‘raising’ their children at all, much less in the way they should go.

I suppose some will call me out on this. I’ll give you my number and we’ll have the debate. I don’t see where this mother hurt anything other than the boy’s pride. I see a Mother determined to find her son and straighten him out. I don’t think she knew or cared that she was being recorded and I don’t think it would’ve made any difference had she known. Her intentions were obvious. Her motives were pure. Her concern was validated. Her actions proved she loved her son far and beyond any thought or fear of future consequences. She didn’t just talk the talk; she walked the walk and as a result, has earned the respect of many.

The moment I saw this young Mother smacking her wayward son upside his head…DEMANDING that he get off the street and back home before he ended up dead, I knew we’d be having this debate and I wondered how it would play out. I see it as an opportunity for America to stand United behind a right that has been stripped from parents; that of correcting your child as you see fit. I hope and pray that this lady’s bravery and grim determination will be an example for parents across the country and IF charges are brought against her, that we ALL get involved; every race, every color, every religion. This should cross all racial and party lines. WE UNITE behind her…and a common cause; that of saving our children. If we can come together behind this …we can begin forming alliances to fight for other causes that for many are simply as plain as the nose on your face. They can only be right or wrong; black or white. I’ve heard about the grey areas but in many cases, the grey should be removed entirely. This is one of them.






By: Deborah Smith

As you all know, a few of us from APlll% La Chapter ventured to New Orleans, La to show support for Tx Judge Hanen’s decision to put a hold on Obama’s Amnesty plan. I entered the city and immediately became ensnared in a traffic nightmare due to a wreck on I-10. I can’t tell you how upset I was, knowing others were there already. Then I missed my turn… twice. Unfortunately, that’s not a typo. At that point, I could clearly see headlines in the ‘Times Picayune’ with the term ‘road rage’ involved. I was tempted to turn around and go home but stopped to ask directions and arrived on the scene within 5 minutes.
As I turned the corner at the 5th District Court of Appeals, it became quite obvious that we were very much outnumbered. Over 300 illegal immigrants were bused in from 6 states; Ga, NC, TN and Al, to name a few. They were organized and prepared to fight for their right to citizenship in America. For quite some time, I stood alone, with my sign…shouting praises for the Judge and victory for the Constitution. The other supporters were in the courtroom. Tiffany O’Neal, another member who worked a few blocks over, took off work for awhile and came to stand with me. By then, it had begun to rain but NO ONE stopped marching; not for one moment.
A few things became quite clear while I was there. Number one, the American People aren’t determined enough to win this battle. I know lots of our members were working but I also know that many were not. Granted, we had short notice as I only became aware of this the week before the hearing but I immediately put it out on our pages, on Overpasses Across America and 2MB2DC groups, in both La and Ms and only 5 people made it. That’s right…5. Chris Burt, Tiffany O’Neal, Karison Hunt and Melanie Melton with Overpasses Across America. Ron Larson, was en-route from Tx but arrived late due to inclement weather but at least they made the effort.
As I see it, this Judge’s ruling is the first ray of hope we’ve seen to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. Our Congress doesn’t seem to have the willpower to put a lid on it but our judiciary system has finally found a spine and is attempting to do something about it. And we can’t even get a dozen people to stand in support of this action!!??? I can’t tell you how discouraging that is.
I guess I’d better get used to the idea that this is the new America. I spoke to friendly faces in the crowd, telling them that the very reasons they come to America is for the freedoms and liberties our Constitution affords them. They come here for the opportunities America offers but if they do NOT abide by the Constitution, there won’t be an American Dream nor even a sliver of the American Pie left for them. I tried to impress upon them that our Constitution is here for a reason and their children and grandchildren will need it someday, as well. But for the most part, my voice was drowned out by the noise of the bullhorns and the chants of the crowd.
While I was there, I saw a young man in uniform and marched across the street to speak with him. He was born here in America and is attending school and involved in Jr ROTC. His goal is to become a Marine. He was very respectful…and according to what he told me…his family has applied for and is awaiting citizenship. I explained to him that we aren’t against immigrants, as we are, indeed, a nation of immigrants…but rather against illegal entry. It’s imperative that these people follow the law of the land; the Pathway to Citizenship and assimilate, rather than sneak into our country under the cover of darkness or by the unconstitutional invitation of this current administration and try to subvert our laws. He seemed to agree with our stance.
Another thing worth mentioning is that I was interviewed by Al Jazeera News. I’m not happy with the snippet they used (taken out of context) and the fact that the other lady’s comments weren’t used at all. So, I’m going to tell you what’s missing from what was actually used in their broadcast. My words were: “We aren’t against immigration. After all, we’re a nation of immigrants. My grandmother was full blooded Irish and they didn’t have a welcome wagon either. However, they came thru legal means. We built this country on the backs of immigrants. That’s who we are. But we have to…follow the laws…We’re a nation of laws. We have a pathway to citizenship…and they need to take that road.” They used what’s in italics. What they used on air can be interpreted in an unintended manner and Melanie Melton’s interview was omitted altogether.
They televised another interview with a man named Vargas, Co-Director for the Dream Act Coalition. During the conversation it became clear that there was a 5th Circuit ruling in Ms recently that we knew NOTHING about. It’s also alarming to me that Vargas says that illegal immigrants are paying income taxes and social security of over $100B into a Social Security trust fund!!! I’d like some verification of this, as we all know they’ll be receiving 3 years back time in Unearned Income Taxes this year!! This man, Vargas, also makes the claim…that if the courts don’t rule in their favor…there will be consequences at the polls in 2016.
In my mind, this is verbal evidence of voter fraud. I took it as a threat to mean that if their demands aren’t met, illegal immigrants are, indeed, ready to vote en masse. We’ve heard rumors that they’ve been given SS numbers, EBT cards and other benefits, DL, and voter ID cards. We’ve seen video of buses filled with illegal immigrants, pulled up to SS offices while the riders stand in line waiting for their ‘American IDs’. Now we have evidence …straight from the horse’s mouth!! How can we use this to our advantage? What can we do to thwart this attack on the sovereignty of our nation? Think America!! There has to be something we can do!!
In closing I will only say that if we don’t make up our minds that this is the new priority; that of demanding our officials follow the constitution, then we have lost without even trying. We should be in DC EVERYDAY…SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS!! We should make EVERYDAY Non-Compliance Day until they stop the nonsense!!! Americans have always had their priorities straight; Faith, Family and Freedom…but I tell you here and now, it’s time to change those priorities. Because if we don’t put our Freedoms First, we won’t have a choice in which Faith we follow and we won’t be able to support or protect our Family. If we don’t want the next generation of Americans to live through a lawless, chaotic, era of Anarchy, then we’d better get to doing what Americans do best!! Roll up our sleeves and GET TO WORK!! NO ONE is going to do it for us. Congress hasn’t…our POTUS sure as shit isn’t and if WE THE PEOPLE DON’T DEMAND IT…the Judiciary Branch won’t either. Time is short to make a difference by any peaceful means. What are we waiting for? WAKE UP!! SHOW UP!! SPEAK UP!!


From Oath Keepers

11 April 2015

At the request of the Sugar Pine Mining Claim owners, Oath Keepers of Josephine County mission is to ensure the mining claim owners 5th Amendment Constitutional Right to Due Process is not violated by the Bureau of Land Management.

This is NOT a standoff with BLM. We are NOT promoting any confrontation with BLM. This is a security operation for the protection of Constitutional Rights. If you have a different agenda outside of the above peaceful mission statement, we don’t need your assistance. Please DO NOT make any type of threatening phone calls to the local BLM or USFS as it undermines our mission, professionalism and is unwarranted. Thank you.


Joseph Rice
Operation Control of Sugar Pine Mine Security

Bruce McFarland
Assistant Coordinator

Mary Emerick
Public Information Officer
Media Queries

Clinton Chard
Logistics Coordinator
Incoming / Outgoing Personnel
Doug Burrell
Communication Coordinator
If you are offering personnel to support the security operations we are requesting the following be emailed to

Number of Personnel
Skill Set
Date of Arrival
Estimated Time of Arrival
We are requesting a 12 hour and 2 hour notice of your arrival so the staging site will be prepared to receive you and in process you. Please plan your arrival between 0800 to 1900.

Personnel Requested & Requirements

Security / Tactical
This is very rugged, mountainous terrain with 70% slope angles, dense forest cover, temperatures from 31 – 70 degrees, rain & snow. If you are planning to come, please ensure your physical fitness level is appropriate. Assignments many be on the mine site, perimeter roads or Staging Site as needed.

EMT, Paramedic or Combat Medic / Corpsman. Current and recent qualifications. Assignment will be with tactical teams and staging site based on physical ability. We are requesting you bring your own equipment if you are able to.

HAM General & Technician. We have a 24/7 radio overwatch. Programming radios, briefing radio protocol. Assignment may be on the mine, staging or other remote location based on physical ability.

We have substantial resources moving into the area. We will need assistance with processing personnel, assignments, receiving supplies, transportation, roster maintenance and document recording.

Personnel Equipment
It is spring in Oregon with wide temperature swings, rain, snow & high winds. Please come self-contained for the duration of your stay. This is a camping situation, so prepare for that.

Wet Weather Gear
Waterproof Boots
Thermal Underwear
First Aid Kit
HAM Radio
Personal Medicines
Sleeping Bag
Food for the duration of your stay
Supply routes are being established, water is readily available. Showers are limited, but being worked on.

All responders and media personnel are required to check in at the staging area. Nobody is to go directly to the mine and will be denied access.

2491 Camp Joy Road
Grants Pass (Merlin), Oregon, 97526


I5 – Exit 61
West on Merlin / Galice Road – 1.0 mi
Left onto Jaime Ln – 0.2 mi
Right onto Camp Joy Rd – 0.1 mi
Right to stay on Camp Joy Rd – 0.2 mi
Left onto Walden
After staging check-in, those who are approved to transit to the camp site must comply with the following rules:

No Drinking
No Drugs
All Access in and out is controlled by security (Limited Access and Emergency Access)
Establish your own team leader / representative under Oath Keepers
Bring cold weather gear, rain gear, own food and supplies
You are accountable for your personal belongings
Rules of Engagement: Always Self Defense – If a person shows means, opportunity and intent STOP the threat.
We are not allowing trespass, threat to life or damage to property or illegal seizures.
No one talks to the media or to anyone outside the area about the operation. (All media and information comes from Oath Keepers Josephine County leadership)
Reaction team will meet contact.
Bring your own communications. (Preferably Baofeng UV-5R / BF-F8+ to simplify programming and setup.)

APIIINation is looking for writers

Are you a patriot? How about a Threeper? Would you like to help the liberty movement?

We are looking for volunteers to write articles for our webpage, are you interested? Articles would be on topics such as preparedness, homesteading, current events, politics, gear reviews, event coverage, training, and opinion.

If you are interested, please email two writing samples to
The samples must be on two separate topics of the options above.