rebeL Yell: Dear GOP Establishment

A Weekly Column By Matthew Leber
For the first edition of this column I cannot think of a better topic more pertinent to this moment in time that “we the people” now face. My title is chosen carefully. If there is not a quasi-revolution in play for our entire country right now, there is definitely one ongoing in the Republican Party. We American Patriots that took an oath to the Constitution have for the most part depended on this Party to uphold the values we hold dear. This is proven by the fact that we gave you majorities in both houses of Congress and most of the Governorship in the many States. We put our faith in you. To do what you ask? Stop Obama and the Leftist ruining our country and trashing the people’s Constitution. We didn’t send you there to pass moderate legislation. We didn’t send you there to “get along” and be Bi-partisan. We don’t agree with the left and we didn’t send you there to do it for us. The Constitution is a social contract between the people and their government. You, the establishment, broke the contract. We expect the Leftist to break it at every turn, but we expect you to point to it every time they do, not join in with them. You did. You funded Obamacare. You funded Obama’s illegal Immigration executive orders. You funded Plan Parenthood. These are just a few examples of you rubber stamping Obama’s unconstitutional agenda.

Now you begin to scheme and plot because you are panicked. You are losing control of the Primary process. The top two candidates are outsiders and do not bend to the whims of the Establishment (so far anyway). We are here because you did not listen when Tea Party candidates won seats beginning in 2010. We are here because you did not listen when Cantor was primaried out of his leadership seat. We are here because you did not listen when we made it impossible for Boehner to remain as Speaker of the House. We are here because you have been Democrat-Light and even aided their agenda and complained you were helpless after we sent you to Washington as the Majority.

You complain but you created the insurgent candidates that have won almost all the primary contests and definitely all that have any real consequence. You refused to listen. Over and over and we are tired of sending any more messages that are not strong enough to get you to listen. So here we are. You can chose to listen to the people while we are still here.

“Here” is the crux of the matter. If you the Establishment, scheme at the convention to deny the nomination of the people’s winner, be they Trump or Cruz, you will wish you were back on the playing board called “here”. You do not want to go there.

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