Prep For Your Furry Friends

I have covered this a while back, but today I was thinking we should talk prepping for your furry family. I talk about the benefits of pet cats and how you may not need to worry as much about food storage when it comes to feline friends. Dogs are a different story and most preppers already know the perks dogs to protection, companionship, and early warning; they require more prep for survival. I talk about food and water storage for the fur family. I get a little more in depth on the need for pet first aid knowledge and supplies. Don’t forget to check out Pet MD while the grid is still up and research animal first aid for free.

  • Gold= $1288.47/oz
  • Silver= $17.20/oz
  • Bitcoin= $3411.85/coin (UP)
  • Ethereum= $304.00/token (UP)
  • Litecoin= $47.72/coin (UP)
  • Bitcoin Cash= $287.97/coin

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on

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