Second Gun For Preparedness

After talking with a loyal listener, I’ve decided to continue with the five gun battery of preparedness. Today is one of those rare weekend episodes that I wanted to do to make up for missing Thursday without notice. Once again, some may not agree with my opinion on the second most important gun for survival, but please hear me out before you pass judgment. Please let me know your thoughts are after listening by posting a comment in the section below.

I also talk about how there is so many opportunities for any patriots that have programming skills to make a profit on the liberal social justice warriors alienation of anyone without their ideals. Google is pulling websites from searches, Youtube is demonetizing and blocking channels that don’t conform to their philosophy, Go Daddy is cancelling hosting for domains that they find offensive, and facebook… well you know. Although it is every bit within their rights to do this as they are not government entities requiring their respect for the Bill of Rights. All this opens doors for people to steal their thunder by giving a voice to those that may be getting censored for not being liberal minded. I want to encourage those of you with the skills to look at these opportunities and design something new, not clone, but something to sucker punch these giants and bring then to their knees. If you do design something, please let me know and I will give it a plug. Thank you.

  • Gold= $1294.47/oz
  • Silver= $17.17/oz
  • Bitcoin= $4342.16/coin (UP)
  • Ethereum= $331.74/token (UP)
  • Litecoin= $51.71/coin (UP)
  • Bitcoin Cash= $627.51

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on

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