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APIIINation Podcast Episode 17: Operation Benghazi Truth

In this episode we have special guests from American Patriot the III% South Carolina and National to discuss Operation Benghazi Truth. Recently APIII’s Matthew Leber, Monique, and a Marine Sergeant from the SC chapter have made international news by confronting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton about the truth of Benghazi. Operation Benghazi Truth is a new initiative to put pressure on Mrs. Clinton for lying to the American people and the families of the fallen four by being at every public appearance till the general election. For info on how to help Operation Benghazi Truth, please email Matthew.Leber@Outlook.com or SouthCarolina@APIIINation.com.

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WHAT?!?! A Podcast?!?! Just A Quick Word About Our New Site.

It has been a long time since the last time you heard ol’ Charlie’s voice, but he will be getting back in the swing of it. He does a quick update about a new website started by us here at APIIINation called We the People Revolution or www.WTPRevolution.com. We the People Revolution is a new social media website that we put together to combat the recent censorship and blocks that Facebook has put on many in the patriot community. Everyone is welcome to come join our new website and participate. Charlie covers the levels of membership briefly as well. If you join feel free to also send Charlie a friend request

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APIIINation Podcast Episode 9

In this episode Charlie covers Mt. McKinley, Iran, investments, Syrian refugees, and Washington wild fires. The finer points are pissing some people off possibly, but also trying to remind patriots that it is the Constitution that matters to Charlie and defending American rights. Also he challenges everyone to send in a picture of the cheapest a gallon of gas cost everyone around country since gasoline wholesale prices hit $1.39/gallon Tuesday.

September is National Preparedness month and October is National Fire Prevention month. Charlie covers fire prevention and safety slightly at the beginning of the preparedness segment. Remember fire extinguishers in kitchen, garage, basement, 1st and 2nd floors, working smoke detectors in every bedroom and on every floor.

After fire prevention, we dive into his every day carry… essentials:
-first aid possibly micro trauma kit for concealed carry permit holders (Dark Angel, Doom & Bloom, Chinook, ITS Tactical
-multi-tool with Knife, can opener, bottle opener, screw driver, pliers, saw, file, reamer, etc
-second (maybe third) knife
-pepper spray, baton, taser, etc
-handgun with extra magazine (where legal)

Shout out to our friends at PCSD Tactical, one of the two companies that are official manufactures of APIII merchandise


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APIIINation Episode 8

Overview of this weeks podcast from Charlie01
Legislative Up-date:
Congress is on recess currently, but upcoming events to watch…
• Senate will start considering the Iran nuke deal sept. 8th
• The end of the federal government’s fiscal year is sept. 30th, will there be a budget passed? Will we see more quantitative easing?… how do you think the world will take more devaluing of the dollar?
• More bills to defund planned parenthood
• Two bills introduced in congress involving sanctuary cities:
1. “Enforce The Law for Sanctuary Cities Act” HR3009 has passed the house and is going to senate judiciary committee after the recess. It denies state or local govt funding if they fail to enforce immigration laws.
2. “Stop Sanctuary Cities Act” S1814- similar to House bill.
• Another Benghazi hearing is scheduled for Oct. 22nd and will be questioning Clinton again regarding her emails
• Congressional Gold Medal HR2567 which gives congressional gold medals to the 4 victims of the Benghazi attack has been proposed in the house.
Today we morn and send our prayers to the families and friends of Alison Parker and Adam Ward after they were gunned down early Wednesday morning. Unfortunately gun control advocates are already beating their drum… be vigilant for gun control attempts.
Events of the week… as everyone knows the market has been very volatile lately with the plunge on Friday and starting out on Monday causing New York Stock Exchange to invoked rule 48 for the first time in 18 years allowing the market to open without setting opening prices during uncertain market conditions and were planning to halt trades if the S&P 500 dropped 7% on Monday.
Preparedness: Emergency Bag (bug out bag, go bag, get home bag)
• Before you build a doomsday bug out bag, build a hotel bag
• Emergency bag items should be tailored to your specific needs, but necessities are food, water, first aid, hygiene products, flashlight, whistle, multi-tool, lighter, duct tape, rope, extra clothes.
• If camping is a possibility add shelter, blankets, fire starters

Special thanks to our friends over atHatts Off CustomsIMG_5765.JPG

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APIIINation Episode 4

In this episode of American Patriot the III%’s weekly podcast, I cover some of the bills winding through the US House of Representatives.
From the NRA News, I mention a bill introduced last week expanding the restricted categories that may get you a “deny” on the ATF’s firearm background check.
In international news, i speak about the Iran Nuclear Deal and the overwhelming “love” of our country that the Iranians have for the US and Israel.
I talk a little about the horrible terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

From Popvox.com I cover some bills in detail including:
Interior and Environment Appropriation bill (HR 2822)
Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (HR 1599)
Improving Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation Act (HR 1734)
Veterans Information Modernization Act (HR 2256)
FTO Passport Revocation Act (HR 237)

In preparedness, I try to stress the importance of having a list of your stock inventory and a list of to buy items. Reference “List of lists on James Wesley Rawles Survival Blog and The Survival Podcast Forum from Jack Spirko.

I remind everyone on two Call To Actions coming up, stop ITAR revisions and Heritage Tour: Ft. Sumter, both requiring action before or on August 1st. If unable to make it to Ft. Sumter, you can easily participate in Operation Patriot Shield if you are not already standing outside a military recruiting center standing guard, make sure you are there on August 1st to protect the brave men and women that risk everything to stand ready to protect us but are not allowed to protect themselves.

This week i give a shout out to our friends at Doc’s Tactical

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APIIINation Podcast Episode 2

The second APIIINation episode, another short episode with just Charlie01 giving a news update. In this episode, I cover some NRA updates, China’s stock market collapse and how it may effect us, and preparedness transportation.

Shout out to our friends 299 Days book series and Doom & Bloom survival.

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Why Made In America Is So Much More Important Now

With the Pacific Trade Accord wrapping up, buying “made in America” is so much more important. Congress has recently conceded victory to President Obama’s fast track to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I am in no way a fan of labor unions, but I understand the possible consequences of the TPA has over the American economy. Democrats are warning that this has the same consequences as the effect of the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) did in the 90’s.

With NAFTA, we were promised 200,000 jobs in two years. Thank you, President Bush 1, and thank you, President Clinton, for that. We lost 680,000 net jobs

said Senator Sherrod Brown, the democrat leading the fight against the TPA.

I am not saying to buy union, I am saying buy American when ever possible. Every bit helps keep an American employed.

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Training Days In Two APIII Chapters

APIII-North Carolina

Recently American Patriot the III% North Carolina chapter held field training exercises for one of their zones. The zone came out in full force and worked hard through the weekend. Many things were discussed including escape & evasion, light, noise, and litter discipline, tactical movements, communications, weapons safety, and community outreach. Members trained with pride and intensity, as well as love of our country.

APIII-Southern California
If you are from North Carolina and want to get involved, you can email NorthCarolina@APIIINation.com or join their chapter group on Facebook here

APIII-Southern California

The same weekend, members of APIII-Southern California linked up with members of Watchmen of America’s Southern California chapter for some joint excursion in Las Vegas. They conducted pistol and rifle training and ended with a friendly marksmanship competition to decide who would compete with the winner of the Watchmen NorCal winner for a grand prize of a night vision scope. Sandman of APIII-SoCal was APIII’s top shooter for the weekend narrowly beating Ground Pounder.

If you live in California and would like to get involved with a chapter near you, email California@APIIINation.com or you can join the APIII-Southern California chapter Facebook group here.

For more information on getting involved with a chapter near you, please email info@APIIINation.com or you can also join our forum

American Patriot The III% National Meet And Greet In October


American Patriot the III% will be holding another national meet & greet October 2nd through the 4th this year. The tentative location is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. All patriots are welcome to attend. More details are coming soon so stay tuned to APIIINation


For more info on chapters in your state, join our forum or email info@APIIINation.com

APIII LA/MS Leadership Meeting Report


April 12, 2015
Debra, LA State Captain
Today we had a leadership meeting in Hammond, La. As you can see, not a bad turnout despite the horrible weather conditions. This is the first time I’d had an opportunity to meet a few leaders…not to mention Shane, NJ chapter captain, who just happens to be working in the area. A few important matters were discussed but the most important thing is that they showed up, shook hands…and looked one another in the eye. Thanks to Shane, Debbie and Dan from the MS Gulf Coast area, Kenny and his wife, Angela, Terrebonne Parish…Dennis and Wendy, in Washington Parish, our newest parish sgt, Timmy and Melinda, his wife in Assumption Parish, Debra, representing Tangipahoa Parish with her husband Cleo….and our State Admin, Mary, from McComb, MS, for coming out and showing some commitment to getting this thing done.