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rebeL Yell: Civil Unrest for a Patriot

“rebeL Yell”, A weekly Column by Matthew Leber on APIIINation’s Articles of III%

Civil Unrest for a Patriot

Civil unrest has spread throughout the land. What does civil unrest look like for a Patriot in this snapshot of time? Let me give some personal examples that I am certain mirror pretty closely the civil unrest in the lives of the Patriots who have clicked on the link to read the 2nd Edition of “rebel Yell”.
Civil unrest is the new puppy licking the 9 month old to tears but the 3 year old son rescues her to his Daddy’s pride. The older dog has a cone on his head because neutering was delayed too long and he runs into everything in the house. The 13 year old daughter rolls her eyes at the Patriot because he quotes the Bill of Rights in a minor dispute with the Home Owners Association. But a Patriot’s life is pretty complex you see because his Wife knows that he takes his oath to the Constitution almost as seriously as his wedding vowels to her. A Patriot loves his country because he loves his children and is anxious for their future. A Patriot has a tom cat that brings freshly killed animals, sometimes still alive, to the bed at 3:30 am. A Patriot locks his arsenal of weapons in a safe but trains everyone in the family in their use as they pass certain rites of passage.
A Patriot doesn’t fall for Division. His tribe is America. His fist clinch tight when he sees dividers tear America apart for their own personal gain or for political power. A Patriot shares a SHTF link to the group page just after changing the 3rd doodie diaper of the day. A Patriot knows the truth, speaks the truth, demands the truth and has no fear in the face of power that has no respect for truth. A Patriot takes out the trash and will even recycle for his wife to keep the civil unrest to a minimum. A Patriot knows the founding fathers were imperfect men that created a nearly perfect document that boldly proclaimed all men were created equal as a challenge to future generations to fulfill and have done so to a greater degree than any other nation or peoples on earth. A Patriot mourns senseless death but knows a gun free zone is a victim assembly area and would take a bullet for a stranger in the defense of the weak and defenseless. A Patriot curses disorder and civil unrest under his breath as he sleepily walks the house checking the locks and stubs his toe on a toy left out. A Patriot is tired and needs rest after coaching his kid’s soccer team because he learned the game while stationed in Germany.
A Patriot’s civil unrest is a busy, hectic, loud, and loving family surrounded by insanity and half of America ignorant of History’s hard learned lessons about bad government and dismayed that they are about to cast their vote for more of it. A Patriot is always fighting the good fight because he knows that the only thing needed for real civil unrest to prevail is good men to do nothing. Have great pride and renewed courage my brothers and sisters because this column is the story of you and your personal civil unrest. You are not alone. We are here doing and coping and we are united and eternally resolute.

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APIII-Utah Chapter Meet, May 30, 2015

On Saturday, May 30th the Utah chapter of American Patriot the III% held a meet and greet. Although it was not a large turn out, they still were able to get to the range and get some trigger time. Chapter captain, Josh Stocks is planning a second event in the near future with possibly a camping outing with range time as well. The chapter can practice and learn some new wilderness survival techniques and also do some shooting drills.

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