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CALL TO ACTION: Louisiana Flood

With 40,000 homes destroyed, over 30,000 water rescues, and billions of dollars of damage; APIII is calling for any possible aid to help the victims. Our Louisiana chapter is asking for assistance by providing these items:

  • combs (wide-tooth and all varieties)
  • brushes
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • moisturizer
  • hair clips, headbands, and ponytail holders
  • satin head wraps
  • setting-lotion
  • plus-sized women’s clothing
  • women and men’s under garments (underwear, bras)
  • socks
  • individual water flavor packets
  • adult diapers
  • hand sanitizer
  • Camping gear( sleeping bags, bedding, etc..).
  • Baby formula 
  • Baby bottles and such
  • Baby diapers, all sizes
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Clean water
  • Anything else that you can think of that people in dire need could need and use! 

Monetary donations can be sent via PayPal and go to the Louisiana chapter at Louisiana APIII Paypal

To get more information please email Louisiana@APIIINation.com

Thank you.




There is a lot of tension as several stories of the events of January 26th “traffic stop” that lead to a shooting death of Robert Lavoy Finicum and the arrest of the Bundy brothers and others. It is still unclear as to who fired first and whether Finicum was cooperating with authorities at the time of the shooting as witnesses are saying, but one thing is clear; We The People demand the truth.

Contact your elected officials and demand an investigation into the incident from the point it was determined to stop the vehicles to the booking of the Bundy’s. Demand that all the law enforcement video footage be released to the public. To find your Representative and contact them go to house.gov, for your Senators senate.gov. PLEASE CALL AND EMAIL THEM. Will it get our criminals in office to get off their asses, who knows but it’s worth a shot to get a peaceful out come.


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APIIINation Episode 4

In this episode of American Patriot the III%’s weekly podcast, I cover some of the bills winding through the US House of Representatives.
From the NRA News, I mention a bill introduced last week expanding the restricted categories that may get you a “deny” on the ATF’s firearm background check.
In international news, i speak about the Iran Nuclear Deal and the overwhelming “love” of our country that the Iranians have for the US and Israel.
I talk a little about the horrible terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

From Popvox.com I cover some bills in detail including:
Interior and Environment Appropriation bill (HR 2822)
Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (HR 1599)
Improving Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation Act (HR 1734)
Veterans Information Modernization Act (HR 2256)
FTO Passport Revocation Act (HR 237)

In preparedness, I try to stress the importance of having a list of your stock inventory and a list of to buy items. Reference “List of lists on James Wesley Rawles Survival Blog and The Survival Podcast Forum from Jack Spirko.

I remind everyone on two Call To Actions coming up, stop ITAR revisions and Heritage Tour: Ft. Sumter, both requiring action before or on August 1st. If unable to make it to Ft. Sumter, you can easily participate in Operation Patriot Shield if you are not already standing outside a military recruiting center standing guard, make sure you are there on August 1st to protect the brave men and women that risk everything to stand ready to protect us but are not allowed to protect themselves.

This week i give a shout out to our friends at Doc’s Tactical

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CALL TO ACTION: Ft. Sumter August 1st

On August 1st, fellow patriot Junior Sager and his family will be visiting Fort Sumter, in Charleston Harbor, SC. They will be dressed in confederate attire and plan to educate the employees of the true history of the confederate flag. That heritage is what the flag represents, not racism. He is asking all able bodied patriots to please join him and his family. If you are on Facebook, you can follow his Ft. Sumter, Heritage Tour

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CALL TO ACTION: Stop ITAR Amendment Revisions


As reported by the National Rifle Association last week, the US State Department is moving forward with a proposal that would censor the 1st amendment by banning the discussion of firearms to be put on the internet without pre approval by the State Department. Penalties for every offense can result in a ONE MILLION DOLLAR FINE AND UP TO 20 YEARS IN PRISON. NRA link is here.

“What is this?”, you say, “ITAR?”. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which also implements the Arms Export Control Act (AECA), that does currently regulate the release of “technical data” of firearms including pictures, video, drawings, blue prints, instructions, and so forth, but not on a “public domain”. The current regulations state a public domain as

“which is published and which is generally accessible or available to the public”

which goes into more specific designations of what “public domain” is, but includes public libraries.

“at libraries open to the public or from which the public can obtain documents.”

With most libraries allowing their members internet access, it has been concluded by many to extend the provision to public access websites as well.

Now some officials in the state department consider the internet as “exporting” of firearms data internationally because ITAR was enacted prior to the internet age. On June 3rd, the state department published a proposal to clarify the rules of releasing “technical data” in to the “public domain” including requiring “authorization” of the government.

PLEASE ACT FAST! Comments are accepted here: www.regulations.gov or via email here: DDTCPublicComments@state.gov USE SUBJECT: ‘‘ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage”

Also please contact your elected officials through the phone switchboard at (202) 225-3121 or you can use the “find your lawmakers” feature on the NRA website here.


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Call To Action By APIII Founder, Scot Seddon


American Patriot the III% founder, Scot Seddon calls on all patriots to reach out to law enforcement. Let them know that we stand by them that follow the constitution. He also warns us to be vigilant for a false flag event that may be blamed on patriots.

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