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Charlie’s Two Cents Q&A

Welcome to the long awaited repeat of the question and answer podcast I have been talking about for a long while. I figured I’d make this a Charlie’s two cents because it really is just my opinion and, or advice most the time with some facts wrapped into it. Please send me questions that you would like answered or at least to the best of my ability to Podcast@APIIINation.com with “Q&A” wrote in the subject line for future episodes. To help, if you would also like your fist name attached to the question in the episode I bring it up, please say so in the email.

Today I answer a question pertaining to water storage. A question regarding healthcare providers asking about firearms that a loyal friend of the show sent me. Some ideas about preparing with a baby in the mix is also on the agenda. A listener asks what my thoughts are on the google definition of fascism. I’ll be rounding out the episode on my opinion of the greater threat, AntiFa or North Korea.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or have any political calls to action; please email us at Podcast@APIIINation.com, please let us know if you would like your name shared.

For information on getting involved please visit our resources page on APIIINation.com or email info@APIIINation.com. Find us on WTPRevolution.com or on Twitter @AP3Nation

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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