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APIIINation Podcast Episode 9

In this episode Charlie covers Mt. McKinley, Iran, investments, Syrian refugees, and Washington wild fires. The finer points are pissing some people off possibly, but also trying to remind patriots that it is the Constitution that matters to Charlie and defending American rights. Also he challenges everyone to send in a picture of the cheapest a gallon of gas cost everyone around country since gasoline wholesale prices hit $1.39/gallon Tuesday.

September is National Preparedness month and October is National Fire Prevention month. Charlie covers fire prevention and safety slightly at the beginning of the preparedness segment. Remember fire extinguishers in kitchen, garage, basement, 1st and 2nd floors, working smoke detectors in every bedroom and on every floor.

After fire prevention, we dive into his every day carry… essentials:
-first aid possibly micro trauma kit for concealed carry permit holders (Dark Angel, Doom & Bloom, Chinook, ITS Tactical
-multi-tool with Knife, can opener, bottle opener, screw driver, pliers, saw, file, reamer, etc
-second (maybe third) knife
-pepper spray, baton, taser, etc
-handgun with extra magazine (where legal)

Shout out to our friends at PCSD Tactical, one of the two companies that are official manufactures of APIII merchandise


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You May Be Prepared, But What About Your Pets

You may have a years worth of food and water stored for you and the family, but what about for your dog or cat? I know some of you may be asking yourself “why have pets in a SHTF”? Personally I wonder why you wouldn’t? Sure they are another mouth to feed and more waste to dispose of, but you forget about the benefits. Dogs are one of the best security guards you could have. Dogs have much better hearing and sense of smell than us that they can sense other people and animals in the area long before we will. The barking and growling of your protective pet may also deter people from trying to take your preps. Cats may not deter people from raiding your food, but they can keep mice and rats from getting into your stuff. One other benefit that everyone overlooks, comfort and normalcy in a very stressful situation. When it hits the fan, having the comfort of your furry companion may bring you or especially your kids a normal relaxation and peace of mind at times. IMG_5373.JPG
Prepping for your pets is no different than prepping for you, only items oriented for your pet. Your pet requires food, water, and medicine like anyone else only modified for them. Dogs generally require more food and water than cats, not just because of size difference. Dogs require a high protein diet to keep up on their energy for as active as they are. Unfortunately it is the high protein or crude proteins in dry dog food that make it hard to store for long term. There are a few specialty long term storage dog and cat foods out there, but they are quite a bit of money such as a 30lb tub of 15 year storage food by Legacy Food Storage.

The problem with the protein and dry food is that it is only dried about enough to avoid mold, but if you try to vacuum seal it, it will go rancid in the package. Not sealing the dry food and just leaving it in the factory package on the shelf causes it to dry and harden over time till it’s hard as rock. Optimally, canned food is the cheapest long term storage option. Now don’t go out and buy a bunch of canned dog or cat food unless your pet already eats it, switching them to it suddenly without it being used to it can cause diarrhea which will dehydrate your pet and possibly give them an agonizing death. Also relying on your pet to live off the land is a no go as well. It is quite possible and more than likely that most areas will be over hunted over time and letting your pets hunt for their own food will just cause it sooner. Leaving your animal to hunt for it’s own food may bring out their “primal” instincts and become dangerous to you and your family just like in the survival fiction story, One Second After, by William R. Forstchen. I have also heard from people that they just planned on sharing their own food with their animals. Yes, your pets would love you to share, but our food is not going to have the same nutrients at the same levels that they need causing them to essentially slowly starve. Storing specific food for your furry friends are the easiest way to continue enjoying their companionship in a disaster.

Remember that you four legged friend needs water. On the plus side, water will be easier to take care of thank food for pet preps. I would still plan on a gallon of water a day, but since you will not be bathing or cleaning your pet as much as us people require for a healthy existence, you probably won’t go through any where close to a gallon for most pets. You can never have too much water stored and if you count on a gallon a day for your dog and it only drinks a quarter or half gallon that day, you have that excess to use for someone else.

Pet health and hygiene can be just as crucial as your own. Keeping your cat or dog’s fur trimmed and brushed will help control fleas and ticks from coming in the house with them and off you and your family. Store away a brush or two for them along with manual hair clippers and nail trimmers specifically for your pets. It is little things like flea bites or your pets long nails scratching you, that could lead to family members dying from infection in a SHTF world. A natural method to keep your pets free of pests is bathing them in a high concentrate mint tea, also gives them a better smell than wet dog. Stock up on any over the counter pet meds you can as well, but also look at some of the human medicine that can be used with you pet as well such as peptobismo. I suggest buying or putting together a first aid kit for them along with a first aid or veterinary manual too.

I hope I have helped you and your pet’s preparedness. My furry companions are just as important to me as any other member of the family, I hope this has been a wake up to make sure that your four legged family members are not over looked. If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment. Thank you.


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Why Made In America Is So Much More Important Now

With the Pacific Trade Accord wrapping up, buying “made in America” is so much more important. Congress has recently conceded victory to President Obama’s fast track to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I am in no way a fan of labor unions, but I understand the possible consequences of the TPA has over the American economy. Democrats are warning that this has the same consequences as the effect of the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) did in the 90’s.

With NAFTA, we were promised 200,000 jobs in two years. Thank you, President Bush 1, and thank you, President Clinton, for that. We lost 680,000 net jobs

said Senator Sherrod Brown, the democrat leading the fight against the TPA.

I am not saying to buy union, I am saying buy American when ever possible. Every bit helps keep an American employed.

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I Know A Sheriff Deputy

I know a Sherriff Deputy; he’s a combat veteran and patriot who has proven that he willing to die to defend the American way of life. He became a Sherriff after the Corps to continue his calling to protect the weak and enforce justice… He is a man that I admire! Yet, when I asked the deputy if he was a III%er he said, “No, I am a Law Enforcement Officer” (L.E.O.) He gave me a look that told me he thought the III% were lawless, hotheads.
He looked shocked when I told him that I was a III%er and listened carefully as I explained the history of the III% in regards to the founding of America and that III%er objectives are too see constitutional governance restored. I told him we hope it is done peacefully but todays III%, like the original III% are ready to stand our ground against tyranny and an out of control federal government. I told him (in a friendly way) that we are the backup plan if the Tea Party fails.
At the end of the conversation he told me that he did not know that much about the III% until now but said: “I guess I AM THE III% TOO”.

The III% movement needs to reach out to LEO’s at every opportunity, they should be our allies; ultimately I expect them to arrest the corrupt politicians and judges. But, before you talk to them you must be prepared to explain the history of the III%, make sure they understand when we say “We are Coming” that we are not coming for them but those who pervert our laws and seek to divide and destroy America.. Explain that oath breakers and the corrupt are “our common enemy” and at that point if you have done a good job the LEO will count him or herself part of the III%.
I estimate I have already met 10-15% of the sheriff deputies in my county, when I see them I always give them a friendly smile and wave. Especially driving down the road with a “Don’t Tread on Me” sticker on my back window. I only approach them when it is appropriate, not when they are busy. For example; when we are at the fair or festival, I let them know I appreciate them keeping the area safe for my family. Be friendly, even when they are giving you a speeding ticket; it is about building a long term relationships… Ultimately we don’t want them concerned about us as unruly anarchist or that we are going to be a problem in an SHFT situation…
They should understand that if the SHTF and they see us patrolling our neighborhoods (when I say ours, I mean theirs too) with our AR’s that they can feel better about leaving their family behind as they go to restore order and contain the violence to areas with high numbers of democrats. Also they should know that if the Feds come down on them for keeping their oaths they won’t have to face them alone, we’ll have their six.
They should know that when they see us at a protest that we will comply with lawful orders… Recently at the Hamas counter protest in Fort Lauderdale the police had to come over and ask one of the protestors in our crowd to leave or be arrested. The guy was shouting death threats… The rest of us backed away from the guy, let the police do their job and it was clear to the police he was not one of us…

We also need to police ourselves in our groups… When we see people that call themselves the III% and are spewing hate, making death threats or calling for violence we need to correct them or kick them out… It is one thing to educate people another to spew hate.
For example: It is OK to teach about the atrocities and evilness of Islam but not OK to promote killing Muslims… Keep in mind that many Muslims are victims who live in fear themselves, especially their women, if we present the truth and level headed arguments people will get the message and not tolerate Sharia law in America. Truth is the best medicine to prevent Islam.
It is OK to point out the problems in the Black community and speak out against the welfare system that is keeping black people down but we should teach in a compassionate way keeping in mind that since LBJ’s “Great Society” the government has been promoting the victim mentality in black communities as a tool to keep Democrats in power. We cannot tolerate racism: instead the III% need to support efforts to break the dependency cycle, encourage personal responsibility and self-sufficiency, not put them down. That’s the American way.
When it comes to restoring our government: I believe our forefathers wanted the government to be in fear (respect) of “We the People” to help keep the Feds in line and avoid tyranny. That’s one of the main reasons for the second amendment… But they did not tell us to start a revolution at whim. They suffered for years and made every effort to prevent war… To quote the Declaration of Independence, “When a long train of abuses and usurpations”. I am not saying there won’t be a revolution, what I am saying is if you want to start on the first thing you need to make clear is who you plan to shoot? My sister in the National Guard or our Brothers in Law enforcement… NOPE! You’ll have to shoot me first!
LEO’s are “We the People” too. As a matter of fact most are vets who will die to preserve the American dream for their children… However, as Pastor Chuck Baldwin point out in his recent article (An Open Letter to My Friends in Law Enforcement) they are being manipulated by the federal government. The militarization of local LEO’s by the Fed’s and Fed propaganda to Military and LEO’s is designed to put a divide between American People and Law enforcement with the objective of shifting power and control away from we the people and to the Feds…

If our mission is to restore law and order, it will be much easier with LEO’s on our side so IMHO we have to move forward in a way where we do not seem to be a threat to police and it will take a conscious effort to get them on the right side to arrest the oath breakers.
At the million vet march (1MvetMarch) after I was assaulted by oath breaking police and was walking away from the demonstration I saw more police putting on riot gear… I walked right up to them and asked them what the hell they were doing? I passionately but calmly said, “Don’t you realize that you are getting ready to go up against veterans that fought for your freedom? We are not a group of anarchist, if you would like us to do something you come and ask us, POLIGHTLY!” The cops looked ashamed and put their riot gear away…
Since that day a lot of people have told me “Man if I were you, I would have fired off on those police”. Well, such actions will cause us to lose, we are in a battle for hearts and minds still. None of the veterans fired back, we opened the memorials and we had a huge victory that day…. If we would have fired back they would have felt justified and lost the victory.

The original III% did not just go out and start punching and shooting people, they spread their message and got the people onside. They kept the focus on the real enemy before the revolution started. It should be our goal to prevent violence and keep the focus of “We the People” on the real enemy: those who corrupt our laws and seek to divide our nation to gain power. That is not the police or military, they are being unwittingly used…
Having said that, you do have the God given right to defend yourself and our constitution gives us rights too. When they are violated you have the “duty” to make a stand for righteousness sake… We were made to be Courageous; I pray that God give you courage and wisdom on that day.
Chaplain Mike