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APIIINation Podcast Episode 20

In this episode Charlie talks about current events that are not making as much news as they should. With the presidential race and celebrity news, why would the mainstream media care about news that effects our rights.

  Picture of Keith Wood from Mlive.com Article
 The first news story Charlie talks about is the Michigan man that was being charged with a felony for handing out jury rights pamphlets and the current update on the situation. A local news station has been trying to keep up to date on it, here is the Fox 17 News article. Another point we should be watching according to Charlie is the development of what is happening between Apple and the FBI. In related topic that came out before the recording, a new bill coming down in the senate has leaked. Compliance to all court orders act of 2016 is what they are calling it supposedly, but it requires all technology companies give access to the government for any encrypted data on phones, computers, and more.


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