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APIII-Massachusetts Chapter Rocking It Over The Weekend

This past weekend, the Massachusetts chapter of American Patriot the IIi% showed that even a liberal hot spot like their state can get it done. For their first meet and greet 24 patriots made it out to get to know each other.

Some of the topics on the agenda were:
Firearm safety and tactics
Survival skills
Self defense
And the command structure of the chapter
There was no training done at this first meet, but expectations for training were covered. For information on how to get involved if you are in Massachusetts, please email massachusetts@apiiination.com or join their Facebook group here.

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APIII-Indiana Zone 1 Meet & Greet, May 7


Despite the weather, it was still a decent turn out for APIII Indiana’s zone 1 meet and greet. Plans of overnight training coming in June. For more info on future meetings and training if you are in Indiana, join the chapter Facebook here or email indiana@apiiination.com

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American Patriot The III% National Meet And Greet In October


American Patriot the III% will be holding another national meet & greet October 2nd through the 4th this year. The tentative location is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. All patriots are welcome to attend. More details are coming soon so stay tuned to APIIINation


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APIII-Utah Chapter Meet, May 30, 2015

On Saturday, May 30th the Utah chapter of American Patriot the III% held a meet and greet. Although it was not a large turn out, they still were able to get to the range and get some trigger time. Chapter captain, Josh Stocks is planning a second event in the near future with possibly a camping outing with range time as well. The chapter can practice and learn some new wilderness survival techniques and also do some shooting drills.

For more information or to get involved if you are from Utah, please join the APIII-Utah Chapter Facebook group here:
Or email utah@apiiination.com on how you can get involved

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APIII-Iowa Meet and Greet May 30, 2015

By State Lt. Arnold Burggraaf
We met at Old Spaghetti Works in Des Moines. It was mostly a get to know each other meeting. State Captain, Ricky Norris, Lt. Arnold Burggraaf along with wife Ginger, Robert John MacGregor and his son Austin and Robert Taylor and Tabitha Taylor all attended.

Topics of discussion were another meeting where more could attend, rally points and some comms were discussed. All in all a very good starting point.

If you are from Iowa and would like to get involved, join the APIII Iowa group here:
Or you can email iowa@apiiination.com

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Indiana APIII Chapter Meet & Greet May 2nd 2015


APIII% Indiana
Greet & Meet May 2, ‘15
​It was a beautiful day for Zone 4 APIII%er’s to meet each other at the Wild Cat Creek Reservoir in Kokomo, Indiana. Scott Criss started off the meeting with introducing Christopher Martin as Z4 Lieutenant, Jeremy Norton as State Sargent and Z4 Captain, and he himself as State Captain and Z2 Captain.

​Scott had received a Rough Draft from a fellow Three Percenter on communications, Ed Scott, Chief Comm.’s Officer. Several members of the group are familiar with communications and agree that there is more to this and more should be added. The Rough Draft is, or will be attached to the APIII% Indiana Closed Group under the “Files” tab.
​Members discussed Rallying points. Meeting places in cases of emergencies. Scott had mentioned that John Adkins has a place in Z2 he is willing to share if there is an emergency. There may also be a place in South Salem if an emergency occurs. We need to be thinking about meeting places within our zones, then outside our zones. It is very important to have places to meet in times when we may need each other as a team, as a unit. We are going to need to help others as well.
​We discussed our events and what they are for. Our next event for training is at Todd Howards place in June. It is a Field Training Exercise in the woods. They will be spending the night, and will be bringing their bug out gear and their weapons. Over the course of the two day period they will be expected to find water, make fire, and find shelter. You can bring a tent, tarp, or nothing, your choice.
​Angela Miller went over her recommendations for stockpiling medications and what you may need for emergencies. Besides the usual First aid kits, one may need Blood Clotting materials, medicines, blood pressure cuffs w/o batteries, be sure to keep up on your Tetanus Shot for yourself and every member of your family, this goes for any medical treatments you may need. Do not wait to get them done. Do them NOW! Angela’s APIII Med. Rec. Doc. file is also attached to the APIII% In. Closed Gr. It is filled with useful information. She also had mentioned that if an emergency occurs and you are in need of something and you do need to go into a store to get a much needed item, remember to choose the store you go into most and are familiar with, this way if you are away from home then go into the same store out of town, they are set up similar, so that you can go in quickly and GET OUT.
​It was also discussed that if you see something strange or odd, please report it. If you are not a Three Percenter but do know one, please report it. If you see a convoy of military vehicles or something out of the ordinary in your neighborhood, if you see anything that alerts you to the fact that we as American citizens could be in danger, please report it. If it has to do with electrical, military, government, foreign, even domestic but odd, no matter how minimal or how large you may think it is, it could or could not be important. Our members have a way of checking it out. Please report it.
​As this was our first M&G with our new members, it turned out great. There is still much to go over and much to do. We had approximately 38 people that showed up today, among them were; ApIII Sgt. & Z3 Capt. Dennis Gaiser, Arley Rick Earnest, Ford James, Edward Lofland, Steve Harvey, APIII LT. & Z5 Capt. Charles Griffin, Branden McQueen, and Brad Songer, among many knowledgeable others.
​Scott and I spoke briefly about recruiting and how to get the word out about the American Patriots III% group. The group that teaches, that helps the people get prepared. Look for stickers on cars, flags on homes, postings or comments on the net, friends, neighbors, etc. Keep your ears and eyes open for like-minded people who share common beliefs. Then ask. Stay positive.

Lorie A Voltz,
American Patriot the III%
Secretary of State

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