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Modern Minuteman Model

Minute Man Statue

In this podcast I will talk about what in my opinion the modern day Minuteman would have on hand to repel an attack on our homeland. This is just my non-professional opinion is, so take it for what you will. The more I think about this topic the day after I recorded it, the more I am thinking that this may be a multi-part series. Now as to this episode, I talk about what I think you should have staged someplace that you can access no more than ten minutes after being alerted to danger.

I discuss how I believe anyone that carries a concealed carry gun or has the ability to keep a long gun in their vehicle legally could be a minuteman. A person’s everyday carry kit is one of the most essential parts of┬ámy minuteman model kit. Second would be a “go bag” or a bag with 72 hours of food, water, shelter, spare ammo, and camouflage. Very important that you realize that by camouflage, I mean anything that lets you fit in with the surroundings you may be defending, urban or rural, casual clothes or woodland camo.

Please give me any constructive feedback on this you may have, and I will put it into the next installment on my modern minuteman model.
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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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This is a press release issued from a coalition of Michigan patriot groups in response to Visner’s latest claim that he has taken I’ve the Michigan Militia.


Ted Visner

Really after the last episode with him we thought that he would realize that he has no control and no right to assume that any group here in Michigan has to do anything. Now he has come out saying that he is taking control of the militia groups in Michigan.


The Three Percenters club & TTPC Michigan along with the following groups want to warn everyone to


Ted Visner will only bring our orginazations down and give us a bad name the more we stand against People like him the more we will grow our groups and show that we are united for one cause to protect and defend our country and its citizens locally.

Ryan Wressell III.
XO TTPC and Cmd of NW Lower Civil Defense Force

After careful consideration and doing our due diligence we have all collectively come to the joint conclusion in regards to the Ted Visner situation in Michigan.

We have all instructed our groups to stand down. This is not a situation where Mr. Visner’s rights are being violated. Under Michigan law he has been receiving his due process. We cannot with the best intentions of our people ask them to go to the front lines and risk their lives for someone who refuses to provide us with the necessary documentation for us to know this is a just cause.

Mr. Visner has set up a Go Fund Me page to solicit donations. We advise against making donations at this time.

This decision was made and jointly decided upon by the following groups based upon the documentation we have seen and by Mr. Visner’s own admission.

Michigan III%
The Three Percenters Club
III% United Patriots
Downriver Volunteer Militia
Michigan Home Guard (MHG)
Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia (SMVM)
Northern Michigan Volunteer Militia (NMVM)
Michigan Militia Black Creek Volunteer Division
Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines (MMCW)
Antrim Co. Unorganized Militia
Sons of Liberty-MI
River City Patriots
WMVM/ Sentinel Group
N.Y.M.A.G.- New York Mutual Assistance Group
United Saints of America
Yellow Jacket Militia
Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement (MICE)
United States National Resistance Militia

To have your group added to this release, please contact Brian Miller. If you would like additional information, please contact command staff at one of the groups listed.