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APIIINation Podcast Episode 9

In this episode Charlie covers Mt. McKinley, Iran, investments, Syrian refugees, and Washington wild fires. The finer points are pissing some people off possibly, but also trying to remind patriots that it is the Constitution that matters to Charlie and defending American rights. Also he challenges everyone to send in a picture of the cheapest a gallon of gas cost everyone around country since gasoline wholesale prices hit $1.39/gallon Tuesday.

September is National Preparedness month and October is National Fire Prevention month. Charlie covers fire prevention and safety slightly at the beginning of the preparedness segment. Remember fire extinguishers in kitchen, garage, basement, 1st and 2nd floors, working smoke detectors in every bedroom and on every floor.

After fire prevention, we dive into his every day carry… essentials:
-first aid possibly micro trauma kit for concealed carry permit holders (Dark Angel, Doom & Bloom, Chinook, ITS Tactical
-multi-tool with Knife, can opener, bottle opener, screw driver, pliers, saw, file, reamer, etc
-second (maybe third) knife
-pepper spray, baton, taser, etc
-handgun with extra magazine (where legal)

Shout out to our friends at PCSD Tactical, one of the two companies that are official manufactures of APIII merchandise


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Jade Helm 2015….

I have been told that we should keep everyone updated on Jade Helm ’15 repeatedly. “We need to alert everyone to troop movements”, “Oh I saw a cattle train car, there aren’t cows anywhere around”. These are the comments I am getting and also seeing around the web.
You want an update? It is a military training exercise. That is it. Do we have control over it, no. Is it training for martial law? You find me any actual proof of martial law and not just he said/she said “yellow” journalism then I would believe it more. If anything, the paranoia over JH is turning out to be a great tool for the government making patriots look like a bunch of wack a doos to the fence sitters. I am sorry if this pisses you off, but these are the facts that we know. The Oath Keepers organization have recently drove some of their original members and most influential supporters away over their recent stance of pushing “news” coverage of JH. Jack Spirko, host of The Survival Podcast, has been a major supporter of Oath Keepers called out his friend and OK founder, Stewart Rhodes on a recent episode of his podcast over it. In the episode (episode 1591), he said that him and several other OKs were leaving the organization, but would continue to honor their oath of service, but that the organization was only running with JH coverage to drive increase membership and exposure. American Patriot the III% founder, Scot Seddon, has also set a no Jade Helm policy on our national group. Why you ask, because there is nothing any of us can do to stop them that isn’t going to force the training to become reality.

No one has released a definitive answer as to what the training is for, but jumping to every negative conclusion is not an answer. Martial law is a big answer that most jump to, to the point where I get told that a large group of people are being detained in a city that has less of a population than what is being claimed as to being detained in it… Oh yeah and I work in said city at the same time… Calm down… Jade Helm could be anything from training locally for riot control (which is bad, but just one possibility), to training for invading a foreign power that we are having issues with like Syria or Iraq to root out ISIS, or even dealing with a local country breaking into civil war (“cough-cough mex cough ico cough”) and said war spilling across our borders. Now are any of those confirmed, no.

All that being said, we are not saying to ignore the training, we still encourage you to be alert and if YOU (not your friend’s, friend) see or hear something, say something. We have an email set-up specifically to contact us for that reason at, greyman@APIIINation.com. “Ok, so what can I do”? Continue prepping and training, that is what you can do and that is what is in your circle of influence. Don’t live in fear, your fear and panic over JH15 is spreading more fear and panic and false info. Have more faith in the men and women serving in our armed forces to honor their oaths to defend the constitution. If we see actual evidence that Jade Helm is violating American rights, then we will alert you. We are staying vigilant as should you, but remember, the government does not have the resources to detain all patriots simultaneously, the warning will go out long before we are all locked up.

If you would like to get involved with your local chapter of American Patriot the III%, email info@APIIINation.com or join our Forum


The APIII-Oregon leader linked up with one of the guys working Operation Gold Rush today for a supply run.

According to the supply man the operation is running smoothly with a lot of good guys. Cool headed veterans are running the operation. The non-experienced are either paired with those that are or are being left at the supply drop site, depending on character. The operation end is still being run by an Oath Keeper who was Marine Infantry. They have several experienced corpsman on site running the operation. The operation is being run by a bunch of devout, level headed patriots

The food supply has been good, but are in desperate need of fuel cards to run the generators for the comms gear and CR123 batteries. They have set up a paypal for donations at http://www.oathkeepersjoco.com/. They are also still looking for more personnel. Please contact them if you are interested in helping at the mine.


This comes to us from one of our Oregon members, a Assistant to Oath Keepers Public Information Officer at the mine.

On 29 April 2015, it was reported that the command center of Operation Gold Rush was under continual observation by unknown surveillance operatives and that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had brought in armed security contractors. Much speculation has been undertaken regarding the scope and purpose of these security contractors. At this time, the Oath Keepers Josephine County wishes to express no opinion on the matter of the purpose of the armed contractors. They are under observation and no action is being taken beyond that.

Originally, the BLM denied knowledge of the security contractor’s existence or any operations they may be involved in. Later, in two separate incidences, Oath Keepers JoCo was contacted by the BLM. The first contact was made by the BLM’s Public Information Officer to Oath Keepers JoCo’s Public Information Officer, Mary Emerick. The second contact was the BLM Law Enforcement Officer to the Oath Keepers JoCo Coordinator, Joseph Rice. Both BLM sources gave the same statement, almost verbatim, that these men who were observed, were BLM employees, attending a pizza party in Medford celebrating the retirement of a co-worker.

This, however, does not match up with their observed locations. Oath Keepers does not wish to disclose at this time the locations where the contractors were observed. Suffice it to say that there could be NO correlation to a retirement party at a pizza place.

Oath Keepers Josephine County does not wish to engage in speculation at this time, however the narratives simply do not match. We are continuing to verify, confirm and document our observations.

Assistants to the PIO
Brandi & Robert


Submitted by APIII Oregon Chapter

The BLM has been playing it off as though they have no intention of pursuing the issue until after a court decision later this year (despite their letter to the owners). There are reports of tactical vehicles having been moved into Grants Pass (nearby city).

Supplies have been rolling in (all donated from people all over oregon, as well as some from neighboring states). We’ve got supply lists up on the oregon page of the requested supplies (updated at least weekly). Their mess facility was estimated to be set up today (haven’t gotten word of progress).

The operation has been up and running reliably, but the personell on site are getting worn out from the long hours of patrols and lack of manpower. Still having trouble finding volunteers that are able to get out there to assist for more than the time of supply runs

Last update: 0516 hrs on April 22nd.
This post is going to be a list of items needed on site. It will be updated periodically. Items will be labeled from one to three in order of priority. Items labeled one are high priority. Items labeled two are medium priority. Items labeled three are normal priority.
When donating supplies or anything, if you wish that item to be returned to you, please mark the item with indelible ink (like a Sharpee marker) with your full name and address clearly in a conspicuous area. Items NOT marked in this manner will NOT be returned!<\strong>

CRITICAL NEED ITEMS: These are items needed that hare higher than priority one!
Shelving units (Supplies are coming in so fast, they need to be organized properly
Gasoline (and gas cans)
Military Standard Camo Ponchos
10W-30 motor oil
Large capacity garage style tents (1). These are the kind you park a car or RV under. We need these for mess services to feed the men and women on site.

Priority items: These are items that are prioritized:
Propane (1)
Tarps (preferably camouflage (1)
Coffee (1)
Coffee filters (1)
Firewood (3)
Medical supplies (1)
…..IV kits
…..Saline Solutions (LR/NS)
…..Sterile Strips
Blankets (2)
Food (2) FOR THE TIME BEING, PLEASE DO NOT SEND BREAD PRODUCTS! We have a lot of food on site and more coming in. Of course, this is one thing that is going to be needed continuously. However, at this time, there is enough bread, tuna and ramen soup to last a long time. Chocolate bars, granola, dried fruit, nuts and such are needed for the troops as these are high energy foods. Also need dried meats. Mess services will be set up as soon as possible (probably around the 22nd) so now would be a good time to start sending things like uncooked beans, rice and such. Canned foods are always a good idea, too.
Batteries (2) Typically the need will be for AA and AAA sizes.
Baby wipes (1)
Pop Up Tents (1)
Two person tents (1)
Can openers (3)
Snack packages (3)
Duct Tape (2)
Rope (2)
Powdered eggs (1) (Yes, the men there actually WANT powdered eggs!)
200 feet of water hose (2)
Dish soap (1)
Saw horse clamps (2)
Pallets (1)
Chem Lights (1)
Almond, Soy, Rice or any long term shelf stable milk (not powdered) (1)
Eggs (go through 4 dozen per day) (1)
Frozen Hash browns (1)
25 Pounds Quinoa (1)
Oranges (one per day per person) (1)
Airborne with probiotic (1)
Cooking Oil (1)
Baby wipes (1)
XXL sleeping bag (1)
Sand Bags, wire or zip ties (1)
20″ plus heavy duty zip ties (1)
Folding Tables (1)
Gasoline stabilizer (such as Sta-bil) (1)
Red phosphorous magnesium blend road flares w/ strikers (1)
Smoke, white and red medical evac (1)
and volunteers!


Intel from our Oregon Chapter:
Supply lines are improving, operations are being smoothed out. No change with blm/LE, aside from the local sheriff changing his prior assurance to say the new proposed gun laws will not be enforced in his county