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Charlie’s Two Cents Podcast

Redneck Revolt, the armed wing of the American ANTIFA. Both refer to themselves as the workers and RR also prefer brown shirts, the modern Nazis.

I’m back with my two cents on recent events. It has been a long couple months and I’m sorry I couldn’t get any episodes out there, but I’m back. Unfortunately until we can get some technical difficulties taken care of, we probably won’t be able to get John on the line for a commentary episode for a little while. To make up for it I talk about the make believe love triangle liberals have decided Trump, Assad, and Putin all are in along with the hypocritical beliefs that the libs have as well. Then I talk about North Korean tensions. How about the very real arms race between the new Nazis and the patriots.
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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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