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Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch & Charlie’s IFAK

After receiving multiple questions as to what my individual first-aid kit (IFAK) looks like, I decided to finally make a video for you. I am also taking the opportunity to give you somewhat of a review on Condor‘s Rip-away EMT pouch (MA41 and MA41-008).

MA41- Rip-Away EMT Pouch from Condor (http://condoroutdoor.com) Also available in MultiCam as #MA41-008

First of all, lets talk about this pouch from Condor. Yes, it is imported from overseas and as such, it is not the highest quality out there. It may not be the highest quality, but far from the lowest either. I have actually been using this med pouch in my gear configuration since 2012. This has a manufacture suggested retail price of $26.95 for MA41, MA41-008 (MultiCam) is more however. My only negatives to this pouch are that some of the internal stitching on the elastic loops can be delicate, see the example in the video, and that it is real easy to overfill with excess supplies (if that’s a bad thing). The positives besides the price I would say is that the even if it gets overfilled, the zipper is fully capable of withstanding it and the outer shell is heavy duty and durable. The pouch also has plenty of elastic loops, pockets, and closures to organize your medical components. I personally like the rip-away pouch so much that I purchased a second Condor Rip-away EMT pouch from my friends at Men of Arms Tactical in 2013 to add to a second set of gear instead of just purchasing extra rip-away panels to add to each set.

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Now to get into what I currently have in my IFAKs and some may say its not enough, others may say too much, but that’s for you to decide and you can modify to suit your needs. As I have said in plenty of podcasts, I have no military training so I probably don’t have the same that components that marines or soldiers are carrying around in their IFAKs. I also am not a medical expert, so I only have items in my kit that I know how to use. I made you a list with links that will take you to the item I have or is similar on Amazon, if you want to get the same items, you may be able to find some of them cheaper through other sources. What I have is:

I hope this helps some of you get started, if you haven’t already.
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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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