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Securing Your Home Begins With You

Lets talk about the security of your home. Most people get sloppy and complacent which leads to weaknesses in the safety of your family and property, so I try to cover these holes with you. First thing I talk about is making a lay-out or list of all entry points to you house, garage, sheds, and barns. Once you know all the potential entries, make sure they are actually locked and the locks work. Lastly I list preventative steps and products you can take to further secure your property.

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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This comes to us from one of our Oregon members, a Assistant to Oath Keepers Public Information Officer at the mine.

On 29 April 2015, it was reported that the command center of Operation Gold Rush was under continual observation by unknown surveillance operatives and that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had brought in armed security contractors. Much speculation has been undertaken regarding the scope and purpose of these security contractors. At this time, the Oath Keepers Josephine County wishes to express no opinion on the matter of the purpose of the armed contractors. They are under observation and no action is being taken beyond that.

Originally, the BLM denied knowledge of the security contractor’s existence or any operations they may be involved in. Later, in two separate incidences, Oath Keepers JoCo was contacted by the BLM. The first contact was made by the BLM’s Public Information Officer to Oath Keepers JoCo’s Public Information Officer, Mary Emerick. The second contact was the BLM Law Enforcement Officer to the Oath Keepers JoCo Coordinator, Joseph Rice. Both BLM sources gave the same statement, almost verbatim, that these men who were observed, were BLM employees, attending a pizza party in Medford celebrating the retirement of a co-worker.

This, however, does not match up with their observed locations. Oath Keepers does not wish to disclose at this time the locations where the contractors were observed. Suffice it to say that there could be NO correlation to a retirement party at a pizza place.

Oath Keepers Josephine County does not wish to engage in speculation at this time, however the narratives simply do not match. We are continuing to verify, confirm and document our observations.

Assistants to the PIO
Brandi & Robert