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Lights Out

With the latest information of North Korea having a small nuclear warhead capable of reaching California, there is a lot of concern over nukes and fallout. It is a lot more likely that North Korea or China’s highly developed cyber warfare department would attack our power grids than a nuke strike though. So lets talk power failure preparedness past the blackout kit. Today I list off items you should look into for long term power outages and ideas for using them. Keep in mind that I believe in prepping on a budget so listen to the episode before running out and buying a high end generator. I also strongly recommend checking out Steven Harris’s website Battery1234.com to get free information on building battery banks for your house. Please comment in the show notes below if you have anything to add. Comments will not show up automatically because we have to approve them due to all the spam we receive, but even if it is criticism, we will approve it.

  • Gold= $1279.07/oz
  • Silver= $16.98/oz
  • Bitcoin= $3323.00/coin (UP)
  • Etherium= $293.97/token (UP)
  • Litecoin= $47.84/coin (UP)
  • Bitcoin Cash= $320.52/coin

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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