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Owning Your Decision To Bug Out

Howdy fellow patriots and preppers and welcome to another episode. This episode is slightly deeper than most, for today I will talk about bugging out with your family and when you should. I talk about you making the decision for yourself to save the lives of your loved ones and yourself. No one can make this decision besides your family and in many times besides you. This is just a reminder that if more people had thrown aside the directive of the Houston mayor to stay in their homes and had actually bugged out, there would have been fewer calls for help. Yes, I have always been an advocate for “bugging-in”, but I have also said there are other times that you can’t. Please let us know your thoughts on this topic by submitting a comment at the bottom of this article.

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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Weekly Prepping Podcast: Floods

Flooding in Nashville, TN

Flooding in Nashville, TN

With all the recent flooding, I decided that I should cover flood preparedness. I am not the expert on this subject, but I will give you some ideas that I have that may help you prepare for the #1 natural disaster in the United States. I did forget to cover using sandbags to protect your house in the episode, I figured that went without saying. Remember though, if the threat of high waters is there, better to have an evacuation plan already set up.

Please send any questions, comments, or anything you want to add to next week to podcast@APIIINation.com

For information on getting involved please visit our resources page on APIIINation.com or email info@APIIINation.com. Find us on WTPRevolution.com or on Twitter @AP3Nation

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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APIIINation Episode 7

In this episode I explore the minimal edited format that I did last week along with this week, I’m sorry about the quality, but i don’t get enough time with my kids otherwise. In news I mention the newest Iran nuclear dealupdates that will boil your blood as it did mine. I highlight the fact that a socialist “utopia” of Venezuela now has a currency that probably is worth less than toilet paper. I cover the UK’s Telegraph economic doomsday article, which spring boards me into how the effects of Chinese financial collapse can have on the world. I could not find the exact audio, but here is cyber command’s statements.
Looks like Texas could be the place to be.

I cover some social media OPSEC for preparedness tips and tell you a a little of my cyber attack avoidance methods.

This fall American Patriot the III% along with III% United Patriots will be having a blanket drive for the homeless and veterans in need, more details to come. Contact your local chapter for more info.

A question posed to us on Facebook gets the answer that they probably didn’t want to here.

And shout out to our friends Glen Tate, author of 299 Days book series and Hitman over at Men of Arms Tactical

Lesson of the First ISIS Attack on U.S. Soil


With the recent attack in Texas, many people are picking fun at the attempt. I myself even made comments about the stupidity of making an attack in a state that has always been known as being a gun friendly state. After I thought about it, I realized some scary revelations to this attempt.

A quick summary of Sunday’s shooting that took place near Dallas, TX. Two gunmen attempted to make a attack on a art contest featuring prophet Mohammed cartoons. According to Associated Press the two armed men were in body armor and were able to shoot and non-critically wound (released from hospital that day) a security guard in the leg. After starting the shoot out with the security guard police neutralized the two individuals. Today ISIS has claimed credit for the attack and has issued a warning of worse to come.

There are two possibilities here to the ISIS claim, either they are taking credit only to add fear to federal officials, or they were truly behind the attack. What if they were behind it?
1.They made it obvious that they have cells operating in our country, whether it was assumes or not before, it’s now confirmed.
2. They learned police response times, even if it varies by area.
3. The actions taken by law enforcement, which is a more aggressive response than the French attack.
4. Gives them better insight of targets of opportunity.

What if their next attack was to take place in a more target rich environment or in a state that is less gun friendly. How many people maybe helpless to defend themselves? I am finding this attack more and more disturbing even as the former deputy director of the CIA goes on national TV and says that ISIS is losing power and they are claiming only to instill fear. I say even if it was a “take credit” move on their part, they can still use it as a learning experience.

The consequences of a successful attack are dire. Not only could we see mass casualties, but what of the aftermath. France has proposed their own “patriot act” of mass surveillance and it is gaining in popularity after the shooting last year. As we are beginning to see the spectrum of government snooping and liberty violations, how fast will that get thrown away if we have another terror attack on our soil.

I plead to you all, never become passive as we once were. Continue to use your rights and fight to get more of our liberties restored. It is only by those abilities can we truly be prepared and avoid another attack on U.S. soil. “Behind every blade of grass…” As the Japanese commander said in reference to a invasion of the U.S.

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