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APIIINation Weekly Commentary

Burning car in Milwaukee during riots of Aug. 13

Burning car in Milwaukee during riots of Aug. 13

Johnathan joins me for another commentary episode. We discuss Milwaukee riots, latest developments of the Olympics. And of course we go off on random but informative tangents. Thomas Wayne Hudson, the walking veteran was attacked AGAIN. Mr. Hudson has been walking from Las Vegas to Washington DC to bring attention to the help that our vets need. The numerous Clinton emails that have come out and much more. Hope you enjoy.
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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

It’s The Season: Operation Hunger Smash


As patriots, we all need to stand up and help the less fortunate. There are so many of our veterans out on the streets; they’re neglected and over looked by the common masses. This Christmas season, please join us in trying to provide food and warmth to our homeless and veterans in need. Even if they are not on the street, there are a lot of veterans trying to scrape by with their families for the holidays.

American Patriot the III% with Overpasses for America to collect food and hygiene products to donate to veterans in need. Please look in your pantries for food you may donate. Contact your local state chapter of APIII by clicking here and inquire as to how you can donate. Some chapters are also looking for personal or hygiene products as well. Some suggestions of food that would be helpful are: coffee, soups, peanut butter, canned meats (chicken, tuna, spam, etc.), canned vegetables, canned fruit, boxed pasta, instant potatoes, macaroni & cheese, snacks, and jellies. With the cold weather coming chapters are recommending any winter clothing or warm blankets in some cases you could donate; but also soap, razors, tooth brushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and lotion

Many other organizations are also trying to help veterans this season especially children of veterans. Toys For Tots is always taking toy donations during christmas for less fortunate families including veterans. The other day I stopped by my local Dollar Tree store and was happy to see that they were doing something for veteran families. Dollar Tree has some toys sitting on their cash register counters that customers can buy to be donated to children of veterans in the area. You can also check with your local Veterans of Foreign Wars post to see if they are taking donations for veterans in your area.


Please get involved. Our nation is letting down the brave men and women that volunteered or were drafted to safe guard us. If you know a veteran in need of help please contact us at info@apiiination.com, we need to stop the loss of 22 veterans a day. With all of the recent coalitions and alliances among various patriot organizations and militias, providing help to our veterans should be an operation we can complete together.


Please send any questions or comments to podcast@APIIINation.com
For information on getting involved please visit our resources page on APIIINation.com or email info@APIIINation.com
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Aim For FREEDOM is a charity shooting competition hosted by our allies over at the Michigan chapter of III% United Patriots that started last year. The goal is to raise money for veterans in need. Last year there were 30 shooters in attendance, can we get at least 100 in 2016? The event will be held at Grasmeyer Bros Gun Range in Twin Lakes, Michigan on June 4th, mark your calendars. For the latest info, please go check out the Facebook event at Aim For FREEDOM. If you have a business and would be interested in sponsoring, they are looking for any help you can do.

Please send any questions or comments to podcast@APIIINation.com
For information on getting involved please visit our resources page on APIIINation.com or email info@APIIINation.com
You can also join our forum

APIIINation Episode 7

In this episode I explore the minimal edited format that I did last week along with this week, I’m sorry about the quality, but i don’t get enough time with my kids otherwise. In news I mention the newest Iran nuclear dealupdates that will boil your blood as it did mine. I highlight the fact that a socialist “utopia” of Venezuela now has a currency that probably is worth less than toilet paper. I cover the UK’s Telegraph economic doomsday article, which spring boards me into how the effects of Chinese financial collapse can have on the world. I could not find the exact audio, but here is cyber command’s statements.
Looks like Texas could be the place to be.

I cover some social media OPSEC for preparedness tips and tell you a a little of my cyber attack avoidance methods.

This fall American Patriot the III% along with III% United Patriots will be having a blanket drive for the homeless and veterans in need, more details to come. Contact your local chapter for more info.

A question posed to us on Facebook gets the answer that they probably didn’t want to here.

And shout out to our friends Glen Tate, author of 299 Days book series and Hitman over at Men of Arms Tactical

APIIINation Episode 4

In this episode of American Patriot the III%’s weekly podcast, I cover some of the bills winding through the US House of Representatives.
From the NRA News, I mention a bill introduced last week expanding the restricted categories that may get you a “deny” on the ATF’s firearm background check.
In international news, i speak about the Iran Nuclear Deal and the overwhelming “love” of our country that the Iranians have for the US and Israel.
I talk a little about the horrible terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

From Popvox.com I cover some bills in detail including:
Interior and Environment Appropriation bill (HR 2822)
Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (HR 1599)
Improving Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation Act (HR 1734)
Veterans Information Modernization Act (HR 2256)
FTO Passport Revocation Act (HR 237)

In preparedness, I try to stress the importance of having a list of your stock inventory and a list of to buy items. Reference “List of lists on James Wesley Rawles Survival Blog and The Survival Podcast Forum from Jack Spirko.

I remind everyone on two Call To Actions coming up, stop ITAR revisions and Heritage Tour: Ft. Sumter, both requiring action before or on August 1st. If unable to make it to Ft. Sumter, you can easily participate in Operation Patriot Shield if you are not already standing outside a military recruiting center standing guard, make sure you are there on August 1st to protect the brave men and women that risk everything to stand ready to protect us but are not allowed to protect themselves.

This week i give a shout out to our friends at Doc’s Tactical

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CALL TO ACTION: Safe Guard Our Troops


A substantial portion of our APIII membership are veterans or active duty in our armed forces. The recent Chatanooga terrorist attack has hit close to home. These men were members of our family. Many service members are not permitted to wear side arms, nor are they permitted to defend themselves from terrorist attacks with their rifles. Currently, this administration is avoiding labeling this incident as a blatant act of terrorism by fitting it with a politically correct narrative. We know the truth. APIII members are a great group of patriotic Americans who find ourselves frustrated with the total lack of defense for our own service members by this administration.

It is not unknown for our veterans to step up and take action where the government fails to do so. Our Veterans, especially those from Vietnam, know the damage an unsupportive government causes to these individuals and their families. Veterans have often stepped up and assisted our own in times of need.

We are putting a call out to all the Veterans, LEOs and militia in our group and to all patriot groups to do something meaningful for our troops. We are calling on you to guard recruiting stations where the governors have not stepped up and posted National Guard at their doors and other military installations.

We are asking ALL of our members to write, call and make our legislators do their jobs and arm our troops. We will not sit back and allow these men and women be soft targets. We need to make sure that we are heard because the price for no change is too steep.

Please contact us at your state chapter level and let us organize a voluntary guard at these recruiting stations and other soft military targets. We encourage our membership to visit these stations and introduce themselves; let our troops know that we are united in working to find a solution.

We ask that anyone who chooses to stand guard at a recruiting center have first hand knowledge of their local laws and adhere to them, creatively.

Thank you all, and God Bless this nation.

For information on how you can get involved with American Patriot the III%, please email info@APIIINation.com or join our forum

Operation Hunger Smash


Today Operation Hunger Smash to feed veterans kicks off nationally with American Patriot the III% and Overpasses for America. Both organization have been and are continuing to collect non-perishable foods for homeless and veterans in need. For details on where you may donate food or toiletries, please contact your state chapter or email info@apiiination.com and we will have your state chapter contact you.



OPERATION HUNGER SMASH: “They served us now let’s serve them.”

OUR MISSION: Through unity across America we strive to help every Veteran break the chains of hunger.

ABOUT US: Operation Hunger Smash is a community of Americans committed to serving US Veterans with basic needs like food and goods. We are the American Patriot III%. We have witnessed their earned benefits be reduced by our government. We will not sit idly by and just witness this disgraceful act of irresponsibility. APIII% has made it our mission to step up and step in and support our veterans in need. We encourage every patriotic American to find some way to “pay it back” to the men and women who put it all on the line for our nation. We are also coordinating with Overpasses of America to collect donations at overpass sights.

Operation Hunger Smash of APIII% currently has a drive for canned goods and personal items for our Veterans who use the Northport, NY VA. The Salvation Army located on the VA grounds does an incredible job assisting our veterans with their on-site homeless shelter and with what ever needs they can. They currently make 20 food bags a day for vets in Nassau and Suffolk. Operation Hunger Smash is committed to stocking their pantry with the donations we collect. Operation Hunger Smash also takes individual requests and will schedule drop off of donations to homebound veterans. Any veteran or dependent family member who needs a drop off of food can email us at: operationhungersmash@gmail.com

On April 11 from 12:00-3:00 we will be on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge collecting donations… Look for us, come join us with an American flag or just come by and talk with like minded patriots.

On Sunday, April 26th- local food drive at Uncle Guisseppi’s in Smithtown, NY 10-2

On Saturday, May 2nd- nationwide drive. NY locations to be announced.

Donation ideas:
Coffee (caffeinated and grounded)
Macaroni and cheese
Peanut butter
Canned fruits
Canned vegetables
Canned proteins (Tuna, chicken, spam)
Boxed pasta, potatoes, rice
Personal toiletry items: (trial size is perfect)
Shower shoes or flip flops (women s/m, men m/l)

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