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Charlie’s Updated EDC Video

I wasn’t able to give you all a weekly prepping podcast last week because of work. I’m sorry for that, but I made and updated video of my every day carry. This is my EDC, it may not fit everyone’s EDC model. It’s a good starting point for anyone who may not have a what they consider to be a EDC kit.

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

APIIINation Podcast Episode 18: Long-term Storage Foods


In this episode a very tired and exhausted Charlie01 talks a little current events and then goes in to the main topic of long-term storage foods. Just a advanced warning being passed down by Charlie, he has been sick for about a week and is a little out of it.

LaVoy Finicum Shooting – Ground FootageThe FBI has released this footage of the shooting of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum filmed from inside his car in the Oregon standoff. The video is synchronized with their previously released helicopter footage of the incident.

Posted by News2Share on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Charlie covers in slight detail the second video (above) of the shooting death LeVoy Finicum by law enforcement and how supposedly there is an investigation of the agents involved. In further news the CEO and COO of Wounded Warrior Project were fired by the board of directors, and that was long over due after all the charity’s questionable waste of donations ($24 million in 2014 on company parties). It has also been verified by members inside APIII that there is a manhunt by federal officials inside our country for a ISIS lieutenant that hacked the federal database that is used for vetting Syrian refugees.

The main topic of this episode is long-term food storage and Charlie covers some of the main types of foods that last. He talks about the differences of shelf life and cost between dry goods, freeze-dried, dehydrated, and canned foods. Storage methods are covered as well along with some tips to vacuum sealing. He mentions a Chard electric pressure canner as well that makes canning easier.

Sending shout outs to our friends over at Men of Arms Tactical for all your tactical needs and Hatt’s Off Customs where you can get some of the official APIII merchandise.

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For information on getting involved please visit our resources page on APIIINation.com or email info@APIIINation.com. Find us on WTPRevolution.com or on Twitter @AP3Nation

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Your EDC Kit

EDC stands for “Every Day Carry” and everyone has an EDC kit whether they acknowledge it or not. All your EDC kit is, is what you take with you everyday where ever you go. Men normally EDC a wallet, pocket knife maybe, and ink pen. Women EDC a purse containing wallet, pepper spray maybe, hair brush, make up or lip gloss at least.


Why not add some helpful or life saving items to your EDC. My personal EDC is my wallet, band aids, lighter, 10′ rope, Advil, small flashlight, 3 different knives, pistol with extra magazine (I have my carry permit), and emergency phone charger. Yes, that sounds like a lot of stuff and you are correct, but I’ve been carrying the same kit for over a year now so I get pretty used to it and can blend it in to my outfit everyday. I’m not saying that you have to carry a gun or rope or even three knives, those were just examples of what a carry for my EDC kit.

What I am suggesting is to carry stuff that would be helpful to have all the time. Band aids are a great first step, you never know when you or a friend will get a cut or a scrape. You don’t need a big flashlight but just something that will illuminate enough to help walk through the dark or look under the hood of a car at night. Most cellphones now a days have a light feature, it’s definitely not my first or second choice but it works if nothing else. Advil or other pain killers are an obvious choice, you can’t choose when you want a headache and they usually happen in the most stressful environments. I don’t smoke and now that Michigan doesn’t allow smoking in almost all commercial buildings I am finding more and more friends that have quit, so why a lighter. To tell you the truth I plan on updating my EDC soon and purging items that I haven’t any need for, but when I look at how many times I have still had to use a lighter in the past year I will continue to keep it.

Knives, I carry at least three, you do not have to… But. I carry a Swiss Army “cadet” as a multi-tool, Gerber “para frame” as a utility, and a Condor “barracuda” as a defensive utility. Every knife I use differently and have used regularly especially the cadet. The cadet has a can opener, bottle opener, flat blade screw driver, reamer, and a knife…. I use each one of those tools about as regular as that order and honestly I have used the knife blade about 3 times ever. The Gerber I use for cutting primarily because it was the cheapest knife and I don’t care if the blade gets dull and I have to sharpen it. The Condor, is a nice long blade and I can use it as a defensive weapon if I ever need to but I can also use it better for bushcraft if I get stranded someplace. I do recommend you carry at least one knife and, or a multi-tool. You will always need a knife for something.

Your defensive weapon does not need to be a firearm, but if you can carry one 90% of the time with a concealed carry permit, I recommend it. A firearm is a force equalizer no matter how you look at it. Other defensive weapons that you could carry with or instead of a firearm would be pepper spray, taser (with permit in some states), cane, or a knife. Whatever works best for you, you still should practice with. A knife takes a specific skill set to use as a defensive weapon so I would recommend getting trained if that’s your choice. The nice part about using a cane is that as long as it is just a cane and it doesn’t look dangerous in any way and you can pull off a look of actually needing a cane, you can take it places that you can’t take any of the defensive items such as airports.

Other items you could put in your EDC may include a whistle, fingernail clippers, duct tape, sunscreen, etc.. Really you can put what ever you would possibly use to help you through your day and especially in an emergency, you just need to be able to carry it all. I prefer wearing pants or shorts with deep pockets to put my EDC in, not so much a lot of pockets because then I feel I have to fill them all up and then I stick out like a sore thumb. And i keep the small items in an old altoid mint container. Other people wear fanny packs, if your into that look. How ever you choose to have your kit just try and not make it obvious that you are ready for an emergency because you can be targeted by people who are not. Always remember, being prepared is a way of life.