Podcast Interview Submission


Are you interested in being on APIIINation’s podcast with Charlie01? We are looking for individuals to come on the podcast and talk with APIIINation’s Charlie about preparedness, politics, and current events. The people we are looking for to come on-air should meet one of the following categories: knowledgeable in specific areas of preparedness, have knowledge of the inner workings of government and politics, or have first-hand accounts of current events. We are not looking for an infomercial, so if you just want to advertise your products or services, please don’t apply. We will give any product or service you are offering a promo at the beginning of the interview with your bio and will tell listeners where they can get your product or service and your contact info at the end, but the majority of content should be about a topic.

Please fill out the contact form and submit it. After reviewing your submission, we will contact you and ask that you provide a list of questions you would like to answer on the air with Charlie.