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Get Your Family Involved

This week I want to talk about getting your family on board with your preparedness. This can be a task that may be easy or hard depending on whether your significant other is open to ideas or is on the fence, it becomes almost impossible if they do not bring themselves to think for themselves and question reality. Either way I talk of different ways to approach spouses and kids to peak their interest. Remember it is imperative to not throw every thing at them at once, they will either think you are crazy or they will go full panic and lead your family into costly mistakes. Games, books, TV shows, camping, and real life experiences are all good methods to build interest. Practical prepping that makes sense such as building a first aid kit, blackout kit, couponing, and stocking up on food; are all good ways to get their feet wet in preparedness. Hope this helps those out there that may be having difficulties with family preps.

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299 Days, A Recommended Read

While surfing around the APIIINation website, you may have noticed a link to 299 Days book series website and a couple links to the books on amazon. The author, Glen Tate, nor the publisher, Prepper Press, does not pay a sponsorship or advertising fee to us for this publicity. The reason these links our all over the website, after reading the series, I recommend it as a great survival fiction series to have in your preparedness library.

Glen Tate’s 299 Days is a ten book series about a partial collapse of the United States. The main character, Grant Matson, a lawyer who works close to the state of Washington government and is able to see corruption, erosion of rights, and unsustainable economy in the government. He is awoken to the troubles in the current situation and begins preparing for his family’s survival in a impending collapse later in life, unfortunately not all his family is on board.

Book one, The Preparation, begins with a summary of Grant’s childhood and college years. After college it jumps to him in his 40’s when he awakens to the imminent SHTF and begins prepping and training with the team, a group of “Untrained Civilian Goofballs”. Book two, The Collapse, begins the 299 day partial collapse of the country. Books three through seven, Grant and the team help transform the small community where his bug-out location is into a thriving patriot stronghold. Book eight, The War, takes Grant and the patriot army unit that he is charged with into battle against the loyalist troops of the old, corrupt government. Nine, The Restoration, winds down the war for “New Washington” and Grant begins helping with the rebuilding of the new state. Book ten, The 43 Colonels, takes you through the back story and conclusion of some of the secondary characters based on the 43 appointed colonels of the New Washington State Guard.

There are several reasons that I recommend this series, not just for the entertainment. During The Preparation, while the main character was learning to stock foods and other items, it reminded me of items that I hadn’t put enough stock into. It also gave me more ideas on storage. Through out the collapse, Glen has a knack for drawing you in because the timeline of events that lead to the financial collapse almost completely coincide with current events. You may read it right now and think that he had just copied what has happened recently in the world and US, but truthfully I read this series as it was being published in which the books leading to the collapse were 6 months to a year a head of the actual events that happened. It is almost as if some of the things in the book materialized out of the pages. Although the collapse has not happened yet, the books on the community building of Pierce Point gives ideas on how a patriot society could be established and maintained.

The ten book series is available in paperback or digital forms at Amazonor audio at Audible.

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