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You May Be Prepared, But What About Your Pets

You may have a years worth of food and water stored for you and the family, but what about for your dog or cat? I know some of you may be asking yourself “why have pets in a SHTF”? Personally I wonder why you wouldn’t? Sure they are another mouth to feed and more waste to dispose of, but you forget about the benefits. Dogs are one of the best security guards you could have. Dogs have much better hearing and sense of smell than us that they can sense other people and animals in the area long before we will. The barking and growling of your protective pet may also deter people from trying to take your preps. Cats may not deter people from raiding your food, but they can keep mice and rats from getting into your stuff. One other benefit that everyone overlooks, comfort and normalcy in a very stressful situation. When it hits the fan, having the comfort of your furry companion may bring you or especially your kids a normal relaxation and peace of mind at times. IMG_5373.JPG
Prepping for your pets is no different than prepping for you, only items oriented for your pet. Your pet requires food, water, and medicine like anyone else only modified for them. Dogs generally require more food and water than cats, not just because of size difference. Dogs require a high protein diet to keep up on their energy for as active as they are. Unfortunately it is the high protein or crude proteins in dry dog food that make it hard to store for long term. There are a few specialty long term storage dog and cat foods out there, but they are quite a bit of money such as a 30lb tub of 15 year storage food by Legacy Food Storage.

The problem with the protein and dry food is that it is only dried about enough to avoid mold, but if you try to vacuum seal it, it will go rancid in the package. Not sealing the dry food and just leaving it in the factory package on the shelf causes it to dry and harden over time till it’s hard as rock. Optimally, canned food is the cheapest long term storage option. Now don’t go out and buy a bunch of canned dog or cat food unless your pet already eats it, switching them to it suddenly without it being used to it can cause diarrhea which will dehydrate your pet and possibly give them an agonizing death. Also relying on your pet to live off the land is a no go as well. It is quite possible and more than likely that most areas will be over hunted over time and letting your pets hunt for their own food will just cause it sooner. Leaving your animal to hunt for it’s own food may bring out their “primal” instincts and become dangerous to you and your family just like in the survival fiction story, One Second After, by William R. Forstchen. I have also heard from people that they just planned on sharing their own food with their animals. Yes, your pets would love you to share, but our food is not going to have the same nutrients at the same levels that they need causing them to essentially slowly starve. Storing specific food for your furry friends are the easiest way to continue enjoying their companionship in a disaster.

Remember that you four legged friend needs water. On the plus side, water will be easier to take care of thank food for pet preps. I would still plan on a gallon of water a day, but since you will not be bathing or cleaning your pet as much as us people require for a healthy existence, you probably won’t go through any where close to a gallon for most pets. You can never have too much water stored and if you count on a gallon a day for your dog and it only drinks a quarter or half gallon that day, you have that excess to use for someone else.

Pet health and hygiene can be just as crucial as your own. Keeping your cat or dog’s fur trimmed and brushed will help control fleas and ticks from coming in the house with them and off you and your family. Store away a brush or two for them along with manual hair clippers and nail trimmers specifically for your pets. It is little things like flea bites or your pets long nails scratching you, that could lead to family members dying from infection in a SHTF world. A natural method to keep your pets free of pests is bathing them in a high concentrate mint tea, also gives them a better smell than wet dog. Stock up on any over the counter pet meds you can as well, but also look at some of the human medicine that can be used with you pet as well such as peptobismo. I suggest buying or putting together a first aid kit for them along with a first aid or veterinary manual too.

I hope I have helped you and your pet’s preparedness. My furry companions are just as important to me as any other member of the family, I hope this has been a wake up to make sure that your four legged family members are not over looked. If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment. Thank you.


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Jade Helm 2015….

I have been told that we should keep everyone updated on Jade Helm ’15 repeatedly. “We need to alert everyone to troop movements”, “Oh I saw a cattle train car, there aren’t cows anywhere around”. These are the comments I am getting and also seeing around the web.
You want an update? It is a military training exercise. That is it. Do we have control over it, no. Is it training for martial law? You find me any actual proof of martial law and not just he said/she said “yellow” journalism then I would believe it more. If anything, the paranoia over JH is turning out to be a great tool for the government making patriots look like a bunch of wack a doos to the fence sitters. I am sorry if this pisses you off, but these are the facts that we know. The Oath Keepers organization have recently drove some of their original members and most influential supporters away over their recent stance of pushing “news” coverage of JH. Jack Spirko, host of The Survival Podcast, has been a major supporter of Oath Keepers called out his friend and OK founder, Stewart Rhodes on a recent episode of his podcast over it. In the episode (episode 1591), he said that him and several other OKs were leaving the organization, but would continue to honor their oath of service, but that the organization was only running with JH coverage to drive increase membership and exposure. American Patriot the III% founder, Scot Seddon, has also set a no Jade Helm policy on our national group. Why you ask, because there is nothing any of us can do to stop them that isn’t going to force the training to become reality.

No one has released a definitive answer as to what the training is for, but jumping to every negative conclusion is not an answer. Martial law is a big answer that most jump to, to the point where I get told that a large group of people are being detained in a city that has less of a population than what is being claimed as to being detained in it… Oh yeah and I work in said city at the same time… Calm down… Jade Helm could be anything from training locally for riot control (which is bad, but just one possibility), to training for invading a foreign power that we are having issues with like Syria or Iraq to root out ISIS, or even dealing with a local country breaking into civil war (“cough-cough mex cough ico cough”) and said war spilling across our borders. Now are any of those confirmed, no.

All that being said, we are not saying to ignore the training, we still encourage you to be alert and if YOU (not your friend’s, friend) see or hear something, say something. We have an email set-up specifically to contact us for that reason at, greyman@APIIINation.com. “Ok, so what can I do”? Continue prepping and training, that is what you can do and that is what is in your circle of influence. Don’t live in fear, your fear and panic over JH15 is spreading more fear and panic and false info. Have more faith in the men and women serving in our armed forces to honor their oaths to defend the constitution. If we see actual evidence that Jade Helm is violating American rights, then we will alert you. We are staying vigilant as should you, but remember, the government does not have the resources to detain all patriots simultaneously, the warning will go out long before we are all locked up.

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CALL TO ACTION: Charleston, SC

Today Ethan Arguello of America’s One Voice and American Patriot the III% will be outside Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston to show his respect for the victims of the heinous crime committed there. Please, any time today if possible, don’t let him stand alone. He will be holding a sign that says “AP 3% STANDS WITH EMANUEL AME”

Barrack Obama will also be in attendance. We want to show the victims families, the people of Charleston, South Carolina, and America that the 3% is not the enemy, that we grieve alongside them. Please, if you can make it out, be respectful to all in attendance of the church.

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Why Made In America Is So Much More Important Now

With the Pacific Trade Accord wrapping up, buying “made in America” is so much more important. Congress has recently conceded victory to President Obama’s fast track to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I am in no way a fan of labor unions, but I understand the possible consequences of the TPA has over the American economy. Democrats are warning that this has the same consequences as the effect of the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) did in the 90’s.

With NAFTA, we were promised 200,000 jobs in two years. Thank you, President Bush 1, and thank you, President Clinton, for that. We lost 680,000 net jobs

said Senator Sherrod Brown, the democrat leading the fight against the TPA.

I am not saying to buy union, I am saying buy American when ever possible. Every bit helps keep an American employed.

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What Happened To This Country

When did our country become a hot bed for Pansy’s? I’m sorry, but I have to bitch (OHHH… Better call the PC police). Currently people are complaining about the confederate flag, minimum wage, open carried firearms, and now Father’s Day?!?! … Just kidding on Father’s Day, even though there is a satire article floating around, but why is all this happening right now?

The media wants to divide us, so they can get more viewers and make more money. The government wants to divide us, so they can take more of our freedoms away and make us more dependent on them and keep the tax money flowing in. our enemies want to divide us, so they can conquer us. I’m wondering right now what they are trying to distract us from, because they are throwing all this stuff at us hard. Who’s pulling the strings on this one. Still not believing that the mainstream media doesn’t work hard to manipulate you, that there is a higher power controlling all the news they want you to see?

It’s bad when a late night show host points this out before most others. Now Conan O’Brien maybe meant for this to be a joke, but the scary fact is that all these newscasters have been given a script, the same script across the country and multiple networks. If they are reading this script, how many more are they reading?

Have you been noticing that everytime a hot button issue is introduced, something is passed in legislator. Right now the administration is trying to pass a trade deal with Asia or that the state department is trying to change the regulations on talking about firearms on the web with the ITAR revisions. It will be passed, watch and see.

Society has become lazy, not only has it believed what mainstream media spoon feeds them, but trusts so much that is posted on social media. People are quick to believe everything that is posted on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. including memes. It is easier to hit the shareor like than to question the source or the content. Between heavily edited presidential speeches to completely false historical information, people pass it off as fact, causing panic or anger. Yes, social media has helped the propaganda machine grow into the beast it is today. The same has been changing US and world history. I’ve seen a lot of “historical” references circulated that are either miss-quoted or intentionally left out portions of the facts that may completely change the context of the facts trying to be conveyed.

How do we fix this problem? Very simply, to fix this, use a skill that a lot have people have forgotten, common sense. If something doesn’t sound right, research it. Most false information can be weeded out in a 30 second Google search. Also don’t believe anything that you haven’t seen personally or haven’t got first hand knowledge on. Unfortunately our sources for “reliable” information in the past have started to skew so much of what they report now that you almost have to question what they say now. What I usually do when I question a news story is to look it up multiple sources for the same story, if I only find one source or one source quoted in searches, chances are the legitimacy of the article are very good. When looking into historical references, I look for the original documentation like the United States Constitution or historic records.

What I’m trying to say is, no matter what your read online, please take it with a grain of salt, take a breath and verify it for yourself. Please stop jumping on command every time the media tells you to. Stop immediately spreading un-verified information, you are just helping the propaganda factories spread their ignorance and fear. Please feel free to share your methods to vet information in the comments section.

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Training Days In Two APIII Chapters

APIII-North Carolina

Recently American Patriot the III% North Carolina chapter held field training exercises for one of their zones. The zone came out in full force and worked hard through the weekend. Many things were discussed including escape & evasion, light, noise, and litter discipline, tactical movements, communications, weapons safety, and community outreach. Members trained with pride and intensity, as well as love of our country.

APIII-Southern California
If you are from North Carolina and want to get involved, you can email NorthCarolina@APIIINation.com or join their chapter group on Facebook here

APIII-Southern California

The same weekend, members of APIII-Southern California linked up with members of Watchmen of America’s Southern California chapter for some joint excursion in Las Vegas. They conducted pistol and rifle training and ended with a friendly marksmanship competition to decide who would compete with the winner of the Watchmen NorCal winner for a grand prize of a night vision scope. Sandman of APIII-SoCal was APIII’s top shooter for the weekend narrowly beating Ground Pounder.

If you live in California and would like to get involved with a chapter near you, email California@APIIINation.com or you can join the APIII-Southern California chapter Facebook group here.

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APIII-NYC/Long Island Chapter FTX

Over this past weekend the New York City/Long Island chapter conducted field training. If you are from the area and would like to join the next training exercises, email newyork@apiiination.com or join their Facebook group here

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APIII LA/MS Leadership Meeting Report


April 12, 2015
Debra, LA State Captain
Today we had a leadership meeting in Hammond, La. As you can see, not a bad turnout despite the horrible weather conditions. This is the first time I’d had an opportunity to meet a few leaders…not to mention Shane, NJ chapter captain, who just happens to be working in the area. A few important matters were discussed but the most important thing is that they showed up, shook hands…and looked one another in the eye. Thanks to Shane, Debbie and Dan from the MS Gulf Coast area, Kenny and his wife, Angela, Terrebonne Parish…Dennis and Wendy, in Washington Parish, our newest parish sgt, Timmy and Melinda, his wife in Assumption Parish, Debra, representing Tangipahoa Parish with her husband Cleo….and our State Admin, Mary, from McComb, MS, for coming out and showing some commitment to getting this thing done.