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Collapse Currency

Hello fellow patriots and preppers. Today I want to talk more about investments for a SHTF event. I talk about cryptocurrencies and the recent events in China that effected prices. Gold and silver are also talked about along with “luxury” items that can be used to barter your next meal without the grid.

  • Gold= $1311.97/oz
  • Silver= $17.33/oz
  • Bitcoin= $3991.51/coin (UP)
  • Ethereum= $288.89/token (UP)
  • Litecoin= $54.17/coin (DOWN)
  • Bitcoin Cash= $498.50/coin

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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Collapse Imminent?

In the past few days Greece defaulted on their loans and shut down their banks, and Puerto Rico facing an economic collapse. Just wanted to recap since everyone is too focused on the well planned out division of our country over who’s rights trump who’s…
How many people actually believed the presidential press secretary’s speech about Greece not effecting us? Here is my take on it, if they are addressing it then you probably should worry. It probably won’t have an immediate effect, but us being one of the countries that they defaulted on is not good, especially when our own debt keeps climbing.

Puerto Rico is in a bad position all around. Their population has been dwindling horribly over the past decade along with their economy. They are looking for assistance from the federal government to help with the 72 billion dollar debt that the US territory has racked up, but chances are it isn’t coming. Since it is a territory and not a state, federal law doesn’t allow them to file chapter 9.

So now the stage is set, two collapses this year, will their be a third by the end of the year? Current US debt is a “little” over 18 trillion dollars according to USdebtclock.org and no end in sight. When will our creditors going to say enough is enough? The BRICS countries GDP is estimated to surpass us and the other G7 countries in 2-3 more years giving Europe and North America a bleak outlook economically in the near future. I’ve now heard from more than a few banker to look at investing in physical gold and silver, but i believe food and water and the means to get more are much more valuable.

Is this the end of the world? No, hopefully it’s just a bump. No one wants a collapse and even though the government sure seems to be going full speed into it, they don’t want one either. The government is trying in their own ways to avoid it as well, will it work, only time will tell. My suggestion is to continue prepping your family for, in this writers opinion, a inevitable collapse. Continue to stock up on food and water, but also look into the future for methods of producing more. Start gardening both indoor and out. If you are able to collect water, start, and look into purchasing a water filtration system. If you have any thoughts of your own on this, please comment.

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