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Scouting Skills You Can Teach Your Kids

Now that the Boy Scouts of America outrage has calmed down and gone to the bottom of the news cycle, I wanted to cover skills that you should teach your kids. Now I am not going to tell you how to raise your kids or which age these skills should be taught, that’s the states job to think they know what’s best… NO, you know what is best for your kids; I am just giving you some ideas on skills that could save your life an your kids some day. These are more skills that were taught back in the day to children that the scouts should teach, whether or not they still do, I don’t know and its their business not mine. Please let us know if you have any more suggestions by emailing or commenting below.

I mentioned a website to go to for step by step on most knots, it is AnimatedKnots.com


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Learn Your Kids Some Skills Podcast

Ok I’m sure some of you are irritated with the title, I’m sorry, just trying to get your attention. In this episode I will give you some of the skills I believe children should be taught before they are a teenager. So many kids live behind the technology of the time, not that children shouldn’t be well versed in the electronic age. The point is, as good a tool as YouTube and the many free educational tools there are out there, there are many very important life skills that can’t be taught through these electronic marvels. It is especially important to learn these before you need them in a time when you can’t just find a YouTube video. Here is a warning for this episode, just because I lay down this list of skills, you as the parent or guardian of your child should not expect or try to teach them a skill that you personally don’t feel that they are mature enough to learn or perform by themselves. If your child is not mature enough, you should look into finding another skill that builds maturity and responsibility before you try. I also make the point that a lot of these items may just sound like average chores or labor for your child… it is good for children to learn a work ethic at a young age because as a former employer myself, the majority of the youth have NO work ethic. Do you have any other suggestions as to skills I missed, please email me at Podcast@APIIINation.com.

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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299 Days, A Recommended Read

While surfing around the APIIINation website, you may have noticed a link to 299 Days book series website and a couple links to the books on amazon. The author, Glen Tate, nor the publisher, Prepper Press, does not pay a sponsorship or advertising fee to us for this publicity. The reason these links our all over the website, after reading the series, I recommend it as a great survival fiction series to have in your preparedness library.

Glen Tate’s 299 Days is a ten book series about a partial collapse of the United States. The main character, Grant Matson, a lawyer who works close to the state of Washington government and is able to see corruption, erosion of rights, and unsustainable economy in the government. He is awoken to the troubles in the current situation and begins preparing for his family’s survival in a impending collapse later in life, unfortunately not all his family is on board.

Book one, The Preparation, begins with a summary of Grant’s childhood and college years. After college it jumps to him in his 40’s when he awakens to the imminent SHTF and begins prepping and training with the team, a group of “Untrained Civilian Goofballs”. Book two, The Collapse, begins the 299 day partial collapse of the country. Books three through seven, Grant and the team help transform the small community where his bug-out location is into a thriving patriot stronghold. Book eight, The War, takes Grant and the patriot army unit that he is charged with into battle against the loyalist troops of the old, corrupt government. Nine, The Restoration, winds down the war for “New Washington” and Grant begins helping with the rebuilding of the new state. Book ten, The 43 Colonels, takes you through the back story and conclusion of some of the secondary characters based on the 43 appointed colonels of the New Washington State Guard.

There are several reasons that I recommend this series, not just for the entertainment. During The Preparation, while the main character was learning to stock foods and other items, it reminded me of items that I hadn’t put enough stock into. It also gave me more ideas on storage. Through out the collapse, Glen has a knack for drawing you in because the timeline of events that lead to the financial collapse almost completely coincide with current events. You may read it right now and think that he had just copied what has happened recently in the world and US, but truthfully I read this series as it was being published in which the books leading to the collapse were 6 months to a year a head of the actual events that happened. It is almost as if some of the things in the book materialized out of the pages. Although the collapse has not happened yet, the books on the community building of Pierce Point gives ideas on how a patriot society could be established and maintained.

The ten book series is available in paperback or digital forms at Amazonor audio at Audible.

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Utilizing Mobile Technology For Preparedness

You most likely will not see people using their blue tooth in a grid down situation, but people may still be on their smart phones. Texting functions use a lot less signal and if cellular towers still have power, you may still be able to text just like they were doing right after hurricane Sandy. There is a lot of uses for technology in a disaster situation as long as you take some extra steps in your preps.

Almost everyone holds a miniature super computer in their pocket. Your smart phone could be one of your best friend in an emergency unlike an actual desktop or laptop computer. There are so many features you can use it for. Of course if there is still cellular service you can use it for an unlimited access to info with most web browsers, anything from refugee center locations, contacting emergency services to current weather radars and radio broadcasts. When service does disappear, the applications that do not require data service to operate could be life savers with interactive first aid manuals, color pictures guides to edible plants, or downloaded maps.IMG_5274.JPG
When you are downloading all your maps, guides, manuals, and applications, you will need enough memory to store them. The iPhone is not the best platform for storage, relying on iTunes on your home computer and iCloud to back-up and organize the phones storage. Unless you want to safe guard and dedicate power to your home PC which is a whole lot more difficult, I’d look at other options. A lot of Android platform phones have expansion ports for memory cards allowing you the ability to store a large amount of information on multiple cards.

Some of the preloaded apps from the manufacture will come in handy as well. I’m not familiar with all the smart phones available, but apps that come preloaded on iPhones that would help out in off grid situations could include calculator, notes, voice recorder, camera, and music. You could be wondering about the last two I mentioned. From taking pictures of landmarks to find your way back after foraging for food to taking a picture of the original positions of parts under the hood of your car, your phones camera can serve a lot of purposes and save your butt. There really is only one purpose for the music player on the phone in a survival situation and that is as a morale booster. The music that you have on your phone can break the stress and tension and bring you back some resemblance of normalcy in a SHTF scenario.

IMG_5277.JPGGoal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit
Depending on any electrical device during a grid down situation adds a whole new level of preparedness, keeping them charged. You could have every guide book and technical manual created on your tablet or smart phone, but once the battery runs out, so does the usefulness of it. A lot of people have and hopefully carry an emergency charger for their phone. The emergency charger usually gives a cellphone at least one full charge, but once that charger is drained, you need to recharge that too. I recommend a solar charger for your phone and emergency charger, there are a lot of them out there as well. I keep a Goal Zero in my car bag just as a back up, the other nice feature to mine is that it comes with a “AA” battery charger as well. You also should have a durable case with shock absorbing and impact resistant capabilities. You will also want to look at at waterproof containers, unless you spend all your time in the Sahara that is.

Any amount of moisture could make for a horrible day when you need your phone. I recommend having a waterproof box for both your phone and charging unit.

Yes your smart phone could be a the perfect survival library, but two is one, one is none. Never fully rely on any electronic item in a disaster, there are so many variables that could ruin them. Always have as many hard copies as you can, a physical library of info as well as your mobile.

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