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Pantry Prep


Back for another episode, I am sorry about not posting it on Friday. The technical difficulties are hopefully over now that we are in a different month, that and I have to find a new internet provider. Oh well, to the episode. Today it is pantry prep or food stocking. This is another one of those areas in preparedness that is not all that flashy so I have seen a lot of preppers not suitably stocked on food. Even if you are, it doesn’t hurt to get new ideas by listening to the episode. I talk about the storage methods that I have used while living a transitional life along with what we use now and have planned. Inventorying your stash to keep up to date on what you have and how long you’ve had it. I wanted to also give you some more ideas by covering some of the products in our food stock portfolio and how we store them.

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Storage Methods For Food

Today I talk about reasonable methods to storing food for a long life. This is a shorter episode today, but I hope it helps. Some of the methods I refer to involve limiting oxygen, heat, and light from your food. I talk about canning, curing, vacuum sealing, freeze-drying, and dehydration. Remember if you have anything to add on the subject, please leave a comment.

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Feel free to find Charlie Zeroone on WTPRevolution.com

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APIIINation Podcast Episode 18: Long-term Storage Foods


In this episode a very tired and exhausted Charlie01 talks a little current events and then goes in to the main topic of long-term storage foods. Just a advanced warning being passed down by Charlie, he has been sick for about a week and is a little out of it.

LaVoy Finicum Shooting – Ground FootageThe FBI has released this footage of the shooting of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum filmed from inside his car in the Oregon standoff. The video is synchronized with their previously released helicopter footage of the incident.

Posted by News2Share on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Charlie covers in slight detail the second video (above) of the shooting death LeVoy Finicum by law enforcement and how supposedly there is an investigation of the agents involved. In further news the CEO and COO of Wounded Warrior Project were fired by the board of directors, and that was long over due after all the charity’s questionable waste of donations ($24 million in 2014 on company parties). It has also been verified by members inside APIII that there is a manhunt by federal officials inside our country for a ISIS lieutenant that hacked the federal database that is used for vetting Syrian refugees.

The main topic of this episode is long-term food storage and Charlie covers some of the main types of foods that last. He talks about the differences of shelf life and cost between dry goods, freeze-dried, dehydrated, and canned foods. Storage methods are covered as well along with some tips to vacuum sealing. He mentions a Chard electric pressure canner as well that makes canning easier.

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